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  2. Lustock.com it has a top web trader that it does his job better than metatrader 4 or 5 if you just start trading forex or crypto. My personal account manager always calls me few days before some major news are about to have a impact on the market. I highly recommend
  3. Luckily im from Netherlands and this broker allows me to trade with leverage higher than 1:30. Tier 1 Broker ! Received good client service, my account functions well and had no tech issues so far.
  4. My review for LuStock: 1) no withdrawal issues 2) no slippage or ”computer errors” 3) Decent spread 4) A company that has good liquidity 5) Offer high leverage 6) Preferably have the availability to trade the exotics and the crosses, no demand on good spread.
  5. They provide excellent phone support. Where else can you do three withdrawals in a day like I did? Nowhere
  6. Lustock is a great broker. I traded with them for several years. Execution and spread are almost unmatched anywhere else. You can use High leverage and many people go for the highest leverage possible to maximize their profits.
  7. I signed up for a Lustock.com account. I basically went directly to their website.All good till now
  8. From my experience, LuStock is an excellent broker. (I have expertise in the industry having worked for 10 years in the FX sector at FXCM, OANDA, IqOption, and IC Markets.) The VIP Account is the finest choice if you decide on LuStock. The EUR/USD spread is favorable, and commission rates are very low.
  9. Hello, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on LuStock especially the spread on the EUR/USD. I opened an account with them but haven't made a deposit yet. I've been watching the spread, and it appears to be fine, but I'm worried because I had a bad experience with Etoro in the past, where they merely display the ask and bid prices but do not actually honor those prices on the chart. I intend to switch my main account from my present broker to LuStock because I only trade EUR/USD and am concerned with that.
  10. SWISS PROFESSIONALISM is all I can say about them, verry happy with every single aspect of their services.
  11. We can talk a lot about Capitality, give them a try and judge by yourself.
  12. The first rule in investing is to afford to lose the money you trade. Just get in touch with them and ask for more information
  13. My friend is trading with them, so good so far.
  14. I agree with all of you, dough my personal experience is that their background indicates that they are in th position of offering such advise.
  15. That's true, the quality of the advise is more important than the advise itself.
  16. If you don't have the right information at the right time any advise is worthless
  17. If you are a experienced investor you can go with any broker, but if you don't have experience is imperative to get some financial advise before taking any decision. It seems like at the first sight they offer private financial adivse.
  18. Hello guys, I'm looking for some answers regarding Capitality ( Capitality.ch ) which is looking very well.
  19. Hello, is it possible to sell and profit in crypto trading, as in forex and commodities?
  20. There are numerous bots available for this purpose, but free products are untrustworthy.
  21. Hello there. What if you could increase your actual number of bitcoins? I've been involved in a bitcoin trading platform that generates consistent daily returns of 0.15 percent to 0.70 percent using an EA that trades the forex markets Monday through Friday. Trading statements containing up to 800 trades per day are sent out on a daily basis.
  22. I know someone who works for a company that is developing a platform with a robot for trading crypto currency exchanges using your API that is linked to your Binance account, and when he completes it, I will share it with you. It is a very complex system.
  23. The situation with these robots appears to be completely ambiguous to me.
  24. Can a metatrader 4/5 ea with the Binance API plugin do it?
  25. It would be very interesting to learn about a cryptocurrency robot.
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