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  1. My review for LuStock: 1) no withdrawal issues 2) no slippage or ”computer errors” 3) Decent spread 4) A company that has good liquidity 5) Offer high leverage 6) Preferably have the availability to trade the exotics and the crosses, no demand on good spread.
  2. Thank you for letting us know
  3. IQ Option is one of the most biggest rippers. Just stay away from them, and trading on them is illegal.
  4. Is there anyone who has made a withdrawal from one of the binary option platforms?
  5. How does ic market broker work? That is something I would like to know
  6. Perhaps you received too many spam notifications, as I did, and as a result, your account was banned for a period of time, and your ea no longer works.
  7. This is incredibly valuable knowledge; always have a plan and remember that if you start to listen to your emotions, you should stop and walk away since it will catch you off guard.
  8. Tickmill is no longer reliable; they charge a positive swap on certain pairs when a position (buy/sell) is held for a few days, and when the same position is held for an extended period of time, tickmill changes the swap from positive to negative.
  9. Guys, you should try Astrofx. They easily analyze the market and make it simple to understand.
  10. For many people, learning to trade forex is a pipe dream. However, it is far from simple. It will be simple if you are dedicated and eager to learn. You must always conduct market research. Every day, you must be up to date on all forex news and information. The more you work hard, the faster you will be able to learn forex. AtoZ Markets can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and information, as well as forex education. They offer a variety of educational articles and forex-related news that can help you become a good forex trader quickly and easily.
  11. Because it does not require a license check, it is likely that it will only work on a demo account.
  12. Is the number of threads for this EA different or the same?
  13. According to the OP, it earns $10 per day, or $300 per month, thus it will set away $30 per month to invest in Bitcoin or another altcoin. Although it may appear to be a modest amount, I believe it is sufficient to begin with, especially if the quantity does not have a substantial impact on daily life. As other users have already stated, while dealing with such little quantities, one should always be cautious of costs when transferring money to a crypto exchange or withdrawing cryptocurrency from a non-custodial wallet. As a result, the OP's only rational option is to deposit $30 every month on a cryptocurrency exchange, buy the coin, and then withdraw to his wallet after a few months. Of course, the OP can always choose to store coins on the exchange; the danger is always present, but the fees will be significantly reduced.
  14. Giving up the public key (address) is perfectly acceptable. Giving out the private key, on the other hand, is what causes everyone to be hacked and lose their money. So, if you haven't sent him your pass/private key/seeds, you're fine and shouldn't be concerned. What was the wallet address you gave him? If it's an ETH address, expect a dust attack from the fraudster. What matters is that you were aware that someone was attempting to defraud you and that you did not fall for his trap of handing over vital information.
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