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  1. This is very interesting; I had no idea brokers could change trade history. If one suspects their brokers are manipulating things, I recommend taking screenshots.
  2. "I earned 7571.36 USD earnings trading the EUR/CAD pair at UFX on July 15, 2015. They removed my earnings (7571.36 USD) the same day I received an email from their employee ([email protected]), citing section 9.6 terms and conditions. So they say that at the time of my transaction, there was "NO QOUTE" on the market. NO QUOTE denotes that I was unable to start a trade, yet I did, proving that they were incorrect!!"
  4. Have you been able to withdraw your profit after a period of time?
  5. I've spent the last six months learning price action and have had some success, but not consistency. So now I'm going to try to learn orderflow!
  6. Hello, I recommend that you look into Nial Fuller, who, in my opinion, is the king of price action.
  7. For the first question, the beauty of signature campaigns is that they are flexible enough to allow you to complete them without devoting a significant amount of time. If you are obliged to write 25 posts every week, for example, you can divide and allot these posts (e.g., 4-5 posts per day). It hasn't in response to the second query. The beauty of signature campaigns is that they are quite simple in comparison to most other types of work. As long as you meet the standards, you are free to finish and publish quality content. Because of its simplicity and convenience, most individuals saw signature campaigns as a "alternative approach" to earn money.
  8. That would be interesting to me as well, as I have yet to find a working EA.
  9. Thank you for informing us about this. Many successful trades to everyone
  10. Tails can also be used to broadcast transactions. But I'd want some advice from someone who knows more and is more knowledgeable than I am. Is an anti-virus programme really safe? Isn't it true that they don't scan computer files? If that's the case, why isn't my wallet.dat file scanned? Yes, the Bitcoin folder can be added to the list of exceptions. Even so, the most popular and effective anti-virus software is closed source. I don't have faith in them. Also, I'd want to see a talk regarding VPNs - which ones are worth using and why - as well as a comparison(?) of VPN, TOR, and proxy use (free/hacked or not). There was a list of VPNs that sold your information. VPNs that ostensibly do not were included. Many of the well-known ones collect, analyse, and sell your personal information. VPNs are not something I would use because they give the false idea of privacy. Perhaps the only time I can see them being beneficial is for local websites that block access to Tor nodes. Tor, on the other hand, is the clear winner.
  11. Here's another monster for you...... Let's put it to the test together and see if it really works. Don't rush, try it on a demo first!!!
  12. When they have the opportunity to sell at a favorable price, few investors stay on to their airdrop (it is free money, so don't expect diamond hands from the receivers). Expect more people to sell now that the price has dropped from ath. I don't believe now is the best moment to buy this coin because it is very likely to fall in value. It's best to keep an eye on how low it can go. Board Ape Yacht is a great nft firm with wealthy investors backing the Apecoin, and I am confident that the price will rise significantly in the future as long as the coin has a solid function. Binance, ftx, okex, coinbase, gate.io, kraken, kucoin, and houbi have all listed the coin without delay. Between I don't know what people consider pump and dump these days, it's surprising to see certain members referring to it as such; generally, price falls as a result of selling pressure.
  13. Ninety percent of YouTubers are in it for the money, yet... 1. Not all of them are compensated; one of them exclusively talks about IEO launchpad projects; get into the launchpad and sell as trading begins; this method, you can easily double your money. 2. Any enterprise that promises a 2x or higher return on investment cannot be trusted; they most likely have nothing to offer and can only use words like these to entice new crypto investors.
  14. That's great news, because these Zuckerberg-owned social media sites get a lot of traffic, making it simple to disseminate the NFTs projects, which are all about people. This was the second attempt at Meta to promote metaverse development related. The first attempt was in 2019, but it was not very effective. We expect that these two large organizations respond positively to this statement, as they share the same owner who hopes that these NFTs will continue to spread on their platform.
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