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  1. Large binary options brokers, such as ig.com and saxobank.com, make it difficult to trade and open accounts. as well as how dealing with smaller brokers will be more difficult.
  2. You can read Atanas Matov's The Ultimate Price Action Trading Guide and Al Brooks' Trading Price Action Trends.
  3. During the Covid crisis, I met a man on Facebook who was nice and conversational, and our communication was normal, so we exchanged numbers and moved to Whatsapp, where we traded massages. After a few weeks, he began to introduce me to crypto currency, how it works, and how it has been used to earn money. He asked me to open a Binance account, showed me how to fund my account, and then persuaded me to sign up. He also showed me how to move the money to a trading platform where it would be invested. I made my first payment, which I can plainly see on my dashboard, as well as how I may withdraw it to my Binance account at any time. On the third, he persuaded me to invest more money so that I could earn more, but I preferred to see and withdraw the first investment before making or investing more, but he persuaded me to do so, so I began to have doubts and bad feelings about it, so I decided to open the investment site to see if my money was safe and withdrawable, but when I opened the investment site, I discovered that my trading site had stopped working, so I contacted him, and he directed me to costumer service which I did and they told me that my account was blocked and I need to pay certain amount of money to unlock my funds, which I did then I try again to withdraw my funds but i couldn't, i contacted the customer service again they also demanded for more money,
  4. It's not a pump-and-dump situation, bored APE. This is free money to all those who trust in the project and hold the NFT; those anticipating rug pull have no idea what they're talking about.
  5. People should develop the habit of doing their own research when it comes to investing and trading, whether or not the influencers are paid. You face the financial risk of your decisions, and you should not make them based on the opinions of others. In the world of cryptocurrencies, there are no guarantees, thus any initiative that "promises" any kind of growth is a massive red flag.
  6. Thank you for your contribution. I've been on the lookout for it. It's fantastic that I found it in this forum.
  7. FinlarK

    Bitcoin and War

    Russia produces a lot of oil. But because of the war, there are problems with the supply. Russia is being sanctioned by the whole world. There are even reports of Russian ships carrying oil being banned from entering certain ports. The result is less oil on the market but no shortage in demand. Therefore the price of the available reserves are going up.
  8. Which platform does the rebot suppourt work on? Can it be used on MT4 or MT5 accounts, and can it also be used on deriv accounts?
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