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  1. My friend is trading with them, so good so far.
  2. When Greg teamed with a Cyprus Broker for his Knowledge To Action / Learn To Trade firm, I had a lot of questions.
  3. Hm.. I'm not sure why. When I trade with Etoro, I always lose because I always get requoted when I trade during big news, so my profit is small even when I lose in news trades. Maybe Etoro didn't notify us about any secret terms? No scalping, no trading during the news, and so forth. Etoro refuses to explain himself.
  4. Binary is a short-term and prediction-based market that can feel more like gambling if you are not familiar with it.
  5. Have you ever enrolled in a mentoring program and gotten anything out of it, or was it simply another con?
  6. Sorry does anyone know if it has Nasdaq?
  7. Check out Steve Nison's book on Japanese candlestick charting techniques.
  8. How would you know the words are jumbled, or that the words you have are a seed? If someone is keeping their seed hidden in what they assume would be a safe spot, they are unlikely to name it or announce how much money is "in" the seed. Attempting to (efficiently) brute force the seed with a given collection of words would not be a wise use of resources for an adversary.
  9. Look to the left of the chart for previous highs and lows; this should be very helpful.
  10. I plugged it in, but I'm getting an error message that says Nasdaq Ghost Robot34 #USNDAQ100,H1: Trade has been halted! Change the owner of your license...
  11. There isn't a problem if you use your wallet address. But once you give the seed phrase and the information he requests, you're set to go, at least in terms of your wallet. Keep in mind that your wallet is a valuable item. You should keep it hidden as much as possible and utilize alternate wallet airdrops in addition to your main wallet because scammers may have already detected it and you could make a mistake and give him access.
  12. Why have you stopped following me? Did you know that just by following some of those, I get heaps of free airdrops like uniswap, 1inch, tokenlon, and some useful airdrops? Yes, there are influencers that are solely interested in making money. But we all knew they were doing it to get the same thing by signing up for the signature drive. It's their way of monetizing their advantage. We can't dispute that some people are primarily interested in making money, but there are also some who are willing to assist or provide advice on how to make money. Perhaps the key is deciding which one is best for you to follow. Also, why should they be blamed? You are the one who puts your decisions into action. To be safe, it's best to be watchful of yourself.
  13. It's all right. I believe there will be some reaction in the bitcoin market as a result of the debt declared by these large countries. But, as previously stated, there is no need to haste. It will happen someday, and we will be in the driver's seat. We were almost there, but it was turned down. Let's wait for the reversal, and who knows maybe this year of bearishness will break the cycle and usher in another bullish round.
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