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  1. Be cautious; there are far too many scammers in the world.
  2. True, dedication is required. Before I began trading, I read books, watched videos, and attended classes for a year. Patience was rewarded.
  3. STOFS.COM and STOFS.CO.UK are AFX Group brand names that are licensed in London. Their trading spread is not good, and sometimes spreads are very high; additionally, their customer support stinks, and I left them 2 months ago because they never respond to any email you send them. I advise you to avoid this broker.
  4. In trading, money management is crucial. The trader will be unable to trade effectively if he does not apply this formula. To do so, you must trade while controlling your money and risk. You must trade and manage 1: 2 risk.
  5. To get your feet wet, I recommend learning from the free resources available on the internet. When you're ready to start trading for real money, you can practice on a demo account.
  6. I believe you can learn original ideas from Murphy's or Schwager's classic books and technical analysis before moving on to modern variations that cover short-term timeframes (unavailable in old books due to absence of high-frequency data)
  7. At the moment, it would be possible but extremely impractical and expensive, but that is unlikely to remain the case in the future. The equivalent of 24! is just over 279. The bitcoin network as a whole is creating 200 EH/s. While these two things are not directly comparable (because every valid seed phrase requires several more operations in addition to the hash required to verify the checksum in order to check for balance), the bitcoin network could create 279 hashes in around 52 minutes. As a result, unless an attacker can afford to rent massive amounts of computer power for an extended period of time, they will be unable to solve 24! at this time. However, as processors get more affordable and powerful, I believe that breaking the seed phrase will become more feasible in the future.
  8. There are hundreds of money management lessons available. It all depends on your trading style and your ability to blow up accounts and recover from them. After watching a few videos, come up with specific questions that can be better answered.
  9. Give us more information about the settings that work best for you, as well as a time frame.
  10. Yes, I will share the strategy I'm using soon; it's one of the best, so look for it by the weekend, guys.
  11. Most of the time, they're merely doing it to increase the number of clicks and subscribers to their YouTube channels. However, there are a few who aren't doing it for this reason and are simply trying to get information out about a few things so that others are aware of them. Also, you are correct in that many of them advertise and provide recommendations for coins and other items they may be interested in. Not every one of them is awful.
  12. I'm in the same boat. I'm also perplexed as to why Bitcoin's price remains so low in the face of so much good news. Shouldn't it be at least $100,000 by now? The pandemic hasn't gone away. The global economy has yet to fully open and revive. Fiat currency is depreciating at a far faster rate. Inflation has surpassed the point where it can no longer be tolerated. People are continually coming up with new strategies to keep their money. But I suppose the main reason Bitcoin is so cheap is that the majority of the circulating supply is held by a few whales, institutional investors, or whatever. If two of these whales decide to sell, the market may fall. I don't believe ordinary investors' demand would be able to absorb a large flood of dumped Bitcoin from large investors. Not to mention the fact that many of these ordinary investors are merely reacting to current market conditions. They are afraid, they are FOMO-ing, and they are simply reacting emotionally. And Bitcoin is still a relatively unknown currency.
  13. I'm reading a lot of articles that say Russia will be cut off from the SWIFT global interbank payments system as a punishment for its invasion of Ukraine. This means that bank transfers between Russia and the majority of other countries would be impossible. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for BTC, in my opinion. If you are unable to use banks, simply use BTC and be content.
  14. Is this functioning properly? Thank you; I'll give it a shot first. Thanks.
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