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  1. I was extremely dissatisfied with this sham broker, and I had to go through a lot of trouble to get my money back. I'm glad I got a refund, and I'm glad to share my experience.
  2. Everyone's attention, Never open an account with axes.co and deposit money into it. They are con artists who will steal your money. Please share this critical scam alert in all forums and on your blog as much as possible.
  3. I use bdswiss; it's a good broker in Europe, and I'm pleased with it.
  4. Which is better: IC Markets or FPMarkets? I just cancelled my XM subscription. TNX
  5. Yes, it appears to be legitimate, but I have never used them. but I've read so many positive reviews on the internet
  6. Radar is a fantastic indicator that is 80 percent accurate! For all currency pairs!! Enjoy
  7. Elon Musk has stated that he will not sell his bitcoins, as evidenced by his tweet, and there has been no significant movement in the market. There was a time when his tweets had a significant impact on the market. By promoting Dogecoin, he is depreciating in value.
  8. I anticipate that now that the possibility of a PoW ban has been eliminated, we can move on to the creation of strict regulations to govern the cryptocurrency industry, which is exactly what the next phase will entail. We should be grateful that, rather than imposing a blanket ban on the industry on the basis of high energy consumption, we are seeing some common sense with this outcome. Perhaps many parliament members are finally seeing the light after reading the pages and pages of accusations from those on the left and greens who are primarily opposed to Bitcoin.
  9. Has anyone tried this? I've been looking for J. Ghatti's bots for quite some time.
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