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  1. They were ok at the begining but than they kept beeing worse and worse. I would not recommend them in my opinion
  2. Consider the following titles: Brian Dolan and Kathleen Brooks' Currency Trading For Dummies Trading in the Zone: Mastering the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Positive Attitude - Mark Douglas Techniques for Japanese candlestick charting -Steve Nison
  3. I'm looking for a good EA as well. I'm just getting started in the trading world. I'm putting some robots through their paces. Thanks
  4. There are a lot of phony exchanges out there that are hard to spot (phishing) and can put your money at risk. To be honest, if you are used to utilizing a dex exchange, you must ensure that your wallet is disconnected from the exchange (not just 1 time, but do 2 or 3 checks). That, in my opinion, will make you safer. Furthermore, because of the hazards, holding big sums of money on any exchange is strongly advised. Obviously, you should consider using a secure wallet to store your potential coins/tokens in the long run, as keeping them on an exchange is not recommended. Dex is only risky if you connect your wallet to a fraudulent Dex or a fresh Dex that isn't well-known; for me, dex makes buying tokens a lot easier.
  5. Please remember to share, and if possible, the updated version.
  6. It's all about the pump and dump, baby! Those who buy for the first time will quickly lose to the dumper from NFT holders XD. Everyone is sick of this trash ape2 image NFTs, as we all know. This is merely another way for developers to get money by reading their use-case token. The majority of the information is already available from prior projects.
  7. Please indicate whether or not this issue has been resolved. I've been looking for these files for a long time.
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