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  1. I've had an interest in this for quite some time. I've dabbled, but I've never found anything that worked particularly well.
  2. Thank you for the feedback, mate. There are many scammers out there, and we must all exercise caution.
  3. Not unexpected, given that he used to trade with MFGlobal, the firm founded by Jon Corzine! Greg isn't like Corzine, but maybe he has a penchant for picking terrible brokers? To be fair, all of the 'big guys' were with MFGlobal at the time.
  4. I'd like to give it a shot. But because I don't have any money, I try the demo.
  5. IC Markets is without a doubt the finest out there; I will never use anybody else since they have never let me down and helped me handle the one problem I had.
  6. As a European, I am no longer able to work with this broker. When I had to retire due to a contractual obligation, they gave me everything I had deposited without fail.
  7. I'd recommend Mark Douglas's "Trading in Zone."
  8. Is there any evidence of success, such as screenshots or results?
  9. Hello, traders! Who would require the bellyforexkiller system? Message me at any time to get connected! #SystemPower! #Blues!
  10. Because of the large number of new altcoins that enter the cryptosphere every day, it's becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate project and a fraud. Despite the fact that investors are constantly urged to conduct research before investing in a business, many investors fall for a scam enterprise. Crypto is no longer safe for anyone, and even the most cautious investors can fall victim to a crypto scam. This is a major issue that we all face; pray that you do not invest in a scam project. Scammers plan their movements on projects to make them appear viable and legitimate.
  11. Influencers aren't awful people; they're just doing their job. Instead, why not establish a topic that distinguishes between good and bad influencers since that's how it is? I've made money from a few new initiatives after watching YouTube videos, and Shiba Inu was one of those projects followed by Metahero; without influencers, I would not have known about these products.
  12. Who is making use of Godzilla 3.0? Is it applicable to boom and crash?
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