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  1. It all depends on where you live, doesn't it? My advice to you is to always check to see if the broker is regulated.
  2. If we're talking about forex, you may want to check out Capitality.ch, which has 0% spreads and some low-cost demo accounts for testing scalping tactics. Most rookies are impatient and trade on low timeframes with short holding periods, which is why transaction costs are so important.
  3. Steve Nison's Japanese candlestick charting techniques is one of the best Candlestick books I've read. Aside from that, you can watch Rayner Teo's free candlestick trading course on YouTube.
  4. It all depends on you, not on time, and everything comes with experience.
  5. People underrate babypips.com without ever visiting the website. It's jam-packed with useful information.
  6. Dex is only risky if you connect your wallet to a fraudulent Dex or a fresh Dex that isn't well-known; for me, Dex makes buying tokens a lot easier.
  7. hm. Could you please provide more information or a screenshot of what happened?
  8. give it a shot on the demo Attempt to combine with another system
  9. That is shilling, and there are various types of shilling. There are people who are paid to advertise enterprises on the internet in a traditional way, and then there are "influencers" who promise people the world's riches if they join the project because they are the only ones who know about this super-secret money-making investment." I would avoid the second type, but the first type could be useful because it allows individuals to learn about diverse projects. Consider it a different type of marketing; the only difference is that we've grown accustomed to receiving frequent sponsored promotions.
  10. I always try to avoid the coins he holds because I believe he has some control over price manipulation. But not for Bitcoin, which I am very protective of. Because Bitcoin is still more resistant to manipulation than the sh*tcoin he holds. Trying to avoid what he tweeted is the best option for our investment, but long-term investments should be able to avoid price manipulation.
  11. Is this Robot really effective? Have you tried creating a live account? Are you profiting from this EA? Thanks,
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