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  1. Why are you speculating? Go to a friend's home, borrow a computer, and go to UFX live chat, posing as a new prospective customer looking to make a deposit and inquiring about regulation. They'll be eager to boast about their valid Cysec license if they still have one. Personally, I think the information provided by Cysec is excellent. Traders may now file complaints with Cysec about unfair tactics and seek redress via the Cyprus Financial Ombudsman. Cysec has been gradually tightening its grip on the corporations that it previously allowed to exploit unsuspecting traders. Cysec regulation remains subpar in my opinion, but I am encouraged to see that they are making efforts to improve.
  2. There are several resources available to learn about Forex on the internet. If you don't know where to begin, it might be daunting. Learning from a mentor could be a fantastic place to start if you want someone to steer you in the right way.
  3. I've used this broker, and it occasionally stops accepting orders, which is very inconvenient for EA.
  4. The greatest advice I can provide is: Make a trading strategy and stick to it. When trading, keep your emotions under check. Avoid using a lot of leverage. Open transactions only if your analysis indicates that they are profitable. Start small so you don't end up regretting huge decisions. You learn more about trading the more you trade. So, don't be apprehensive about trading in real time. When in doubt, take tiny moves.
  5. Money management is critical in forex. Without proper money management, it is very easy to find oneself in a difficult situation. The trader's capital is always at risk in forex trading. They will have more control over their money if they have a good money management plan.
  7. Is a daily investment of $1 in cryptocurrency sufficient? I make up to $10 per day and don't want anything that will tie me down financially because I have other things I'm spending the money for, such as duties, so all I can afford is $1 per day. Is BTC the best option with $1 per day?
  8. Conduct not follow investment advice from anonymous persons on the Internet, not just YouTube celebrities/crypto influencers; always be wary and do your own study. If we disregard con artists and paid advertising, we can conclude: - Most analysts are looking for information that visitors require, which means that if Bitcoin climbs 10%, they will be forced to talk about it because it has become a hot issue with a high number of views. - As a result of Elon Musk's comments about DodgeCoin, numerous networks have added news about it. In general, if you don't have much experience and don't know what you're doing, you should just buy Bitcoin.
  9. That's what it means: he just put some sugar on top to make it look like a regular tweet for advice, but in reality, he's trying to fool us by putting his Doge in the same category as those two current crypto market heavyweights. Like his other tweets, he is attempting to prepare something here, which means we must avoid this man's claim or risk falling victim to his investment strategy and becoming one of his helpless victims.
  10. Those who vote against it have their reasons and are free to do so because everyone has the right to an opinion; they will most likely continue on that part, but because they are a minority, their opinion will be ignored. The goal of banning PoW is not to protect citizens from scam projects, but rather to raise awareness about mining and its negative effects on the environment. With the outcome of the vote, the next step is for them to look for a better way to address the issue; hopefully, banning is off the table for the time being.
  11. John Ghatti's Godzilla version 3.0 scalper is the best bot ever built.
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