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  1. IQ Option is a good place to start trading binary options. There are no issues with the platform; orders are opened at the stated price. Profitability, I think, is one of the highest among such companies. In general, IQ Option offers a good opportunity to profit from binary options.
  2. What do you think of the Binomo platform? I'd like to give them a shot
  3. I've been with them for a few years and they're a fantastic broker! I've never had any issues with them.
  4. Many traders advise newbies joining the forex market to start with a little amount of money and avoid trading with greed.
  5. Works on all pairs; the only difference or methodology is that you must use either long or short pairs.
  6. Do you have the software from Redbillion? Who's the one with the wave?
  7. I'm hoping that if we put money into a wallet, it will have an address that is linked to multiple bits of chain analysis. forum for security protection So, if we credit money from our wallet but it doesn't move to the receiver's wallet, we're trapped between transaction modules. However, it is also secured by the address forum; the amount will be credited to the receiver's wallet or returned to our wallet within 5 working days, therefore my confession is that my wallet is still safe.
  8. Influencers are real people. Humans are prone to making blunders. Cryptocurrency is a highly speculative sector. Speculation is the process of making educated predictions. Influencers may make mistakes in their predictions, but that does not mean they will always be correct. I consider myself fortunate to have chosen one or two tokens from successful online influencers. As a result, I won't jump to a blanket judgment of them. The catch to all of this is that you should never invest money that you will lose.
  9. It's quite straightforward. 1. Many people (especially in first-world countries like the United States) believe they don't need bitcoin. 2. Many institutional investors (or individuals in general) still believe bitcoin is a ponzi scheme or a fad. 3. Even in 2022, only a small percentage of people (and bitcoin holders) are aware of its significance. The majority of people here believe it's a get-rich-quick scheme.
  10. I believe you are correct, and it is no surprise that we are seeing some posts here where people want to believe that Dogecoin is equal to Bitcoin because of people like Elon Musk and his Dogecoin rhetoric. I believe he believes that if he mentions Dogecoin in the same sentence as Bitcoin and Ethereum, something will happen with the price, otherwise he would have just tweeted about Doge alone, even though I don't think his focus is on selling but on hyping Dogecoin again.
  11. This nearly blew my account, and I had to manually close the trade to minimize the loss.
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