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  1. Hello guys, I'm looking for some answers regarding Capitality ( Capitality.ch ) which is looking very well.
  2. There's a man on YouTube that uncovers fraudsters, and it's fascinating to watch him expose individuals who seem to be authentic.
  3. I keep hearing that Nadex is good, but they are based in the United States. I'm currently attempting to study them.
  4. Thank you for the information. It's actually quite useful.
  5. There are numerous free courses available to beginners. Babypips offers one of the most highly recommended free forex trading courses. Traders can also look into Udemy and Coursera courses.
  6. Is it a smart idea to invest $1 in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency? I'm aware of a $5 daily Bitcoin investment that can return a profit of $20,405 over the course of 5 years. If you had to choose, which cryptocurrency would you invest in?
  7. Do you have a trend in the market that you look for when deciding when to sell your hodlings and pocket a profit? Do you have any regrets about not selling your coins at any point since you were unaware of the price drop? Are you willing to share your thoughts?
  8. There are several causes for this. One is that inflation is not a new phenomenon. Fiat has always lost its worth, so people are used to it, and we know that we can't really expect substantial changes in people because they are always the same throughout their life. As a result, they cling to the sinking ship of money, especially if inflation remains unchanged. It could be a different picture if we have a major dump in which fiat loses a lot of value (like the 2008 recession). Another issue is that the media and governments have pushed a lot of incorrect information about bitcoin with the support of the corrupt banking system. They've been doing it since bitcoin's inception. As a result, there are people who accept the FUD far more than the facts. Someone who has been informed for 13 years that bitcoin is "fraud" is unlikely to wake up one day and realize that those labeling it fraud are the biggest con artists of our time. I should also emphasize that, despite our expectations, the surge is still occurring on a large scale. For example, the price was $7000 in January 2020 (2 years ago) and is now around $40000, a nearly 7x increase. Granted, we're now trading at an unusual price that, in my opinion, is well below fundamental value, but you have to accept that when you zoom out, you can see a big increase.
  9. Such ridiculous organizations can only force other ridiculous centralized organizations to bend to their will. They cannot compel a decentralized currency such as bitcoin to do anything. This statement is not only ridiculous, but it also demonstrates how little people understand the world.
  10. Which timeframe should this trading setup be executed on?
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