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  1. They are a scam. I discovered how they cheated people by deleting their trading history from their MT4 accounts. I took two statements at nearly the same time and will upload them later.
  2. I've also had a positive experience with Capitality. I've been using these for a long time.
  3. Good broker... I've been dealing with them for a while now
  4. When it comes to hiring a broker, there are several factors to consider. Trading may be really difficult if the platform I'm using isn't safe. As a result, it is vital to do research before choosing a broker.
  5. Price action vs. orderflow Orderflow analysis entails reading the orderflow footprint chart for various signals, whereas Pure Price action analysis entails analyzing raw price action on raw charts without the use of any indicators. The chart could be of any type, but candle charts are the most commonly used. The Benefits of Orderflow It is claimed to desecrate the candles in order to reveal live activity of buyers and sellers on the bid and ask. It is said to be effective in shorter periods of time. Orderflow's disadvantages It only applies to the Ninja Trader platform (I have yet to see it applicable on other platforms) Unless you get a cracked copy, Orderflow software is expensive to buy ;):p Learning takes time. They frequently display different signals on different machines (for example, a buy signal may appear on one machine but not on another, despite the fact that the data feed is the same!!). I've had my own experience with this one, and boy was it perplexing!!! Price Action's Benefits It is unadulterated in its form... (I mean, if a long wick appears in one candle, it will most likely be similar across the board, regardless of the broker, because there will be data variation amongst them.) Unlike O.F, which displays the wick but the data inside the candle is incorrect. It is available on all trading software and thus inexpensive to use. Price action disadvantages It takes time to study and comprehend. These are based on my more than a year of experience with OF. It did not work for me because it was inconsistent (Though I did have some profitable days though I feel price action is more superior)
  6. Yes, the private wealth robot is operational. Look for it.
  7. I can't really give you a straight answer, but doing research on something is always a good way to learn and understand forex better.
  8. Quote: Do you have a trend in the market that you look for when deciding when to sell your hodlings and pocket a profit? When it comes to selling, I don't have a set pattern. All I know is that this coin is increasing in value and providing me with a significant profit. Quote: Do you have any regrets about not selling your coins at any point since you were unaware of the price drop? Yes, of course. When the price rises, I try to hold out hope that it will rise even higher, but the truth is that the coin's price lowers. And one thing I can teach you is not to be too greedy when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities. Because anything may happen in the crypto realm. Prices can change at any time.
  9. Please begin with yourself; you can reset the price by selling your house for 10 doge. If you're okay with that, you're ready for unfairness, which could come in the form of someone charging that much for a glass of juice. The 10 doge you received will get you the equivalent price of a house, plus market volatility. Because we are decentralized, I'm confident that if someone is willing to start, the crypto price reset will be done globally.
  10. Bitcoin has escaped a de facto ban in Europe after a contentious proposal was defeated in parliament. The EU's Markets in Cryptoassets Regulation, or MiCA for short, would have required Proof-of-Work blockchains like Bitcoin's to meet "minimum environmental sustainability standards." However, Unstoppable Finance's head of strategy Patrick Hansen claims that 32 politicians on the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee voted against the proposal, while only 24 voted in favor. I wasn't expecting a ban in the first place (because they can't), but it's nice to know that someone isn't always rallying against cryptocurrency.
  11. It has been working for my demonstration account.
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