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  1. Nooo, just buy real crypto at a low price and sell it at a high price. Don't waste time, money, or days testing and so on.
  2. Are you prepared? Can the EA defraud us and steal our money? Anyone heard this before? How do they function?
  3. So sad, it's bad to hear that there are brokers who don't respect traders; I hope you get it sorted out, Thabang; don't give up.
  4. Expertoption, the terms are very favorable, both for deposits and payments, so the choice is obvious.
  5. Something strange happened to my ic market account as well. Using the same EA. I make money with another broker. However, I will lose money in the ic market. I attempted to compare the time and price. The IC market appears to be slightly different. I'm not sure why.
  6. They are excellent brokers with extremely low spreads on EURUSD and other currency pairs... The problem is their swap rates are so high and mostly in the negative if you hold trades for more than two weeks... This kind of defeats the entire purpose of holding trades for an extended period of time.
  7. Yes, it is significant. Forex money management aims to reduce trading losses to a'manageable' level. That is, if a trade loses, it does not prevent the trader from winning other trades. Money management is closely related to risk management because when trading, all risks are associated with your money.
  8. Simply place a buy and sell stop at your signals? Are those signals to buy immediately after a hit or after the candle has closed?
  9. First and foremost, ape is a brand, not merely a project or a coin. And there are still a lot of optimistic emotions floating in the crypto industry. This is why we're talking about the project. Let's have a look at what apecoin has to offer: 1. It is the foundation of a successful brand. 2: It has a fuge fund to make sure that everything runs well. 3. They have a well-balanced team. 4: They have a detrimental impact on the market as a whole. There's a lot more. This is a very common misinterpretation. Here are some issues with what I thought: First and foremost, they already provide airdrops to a large number of people and tokens. And their token price was incredibly attractive, so many individuals who received the airdrop began to sell their coins since they knew it will be dumped soon, and if they sold now and the price fell further, they could re-enter. I don't believe all airdrop recipients have begun to sell, but the majority of people are still unaware that they are eligible for airdrops. It may become more of a dump as they begin to sell. This is the major issue. Despite the reality that cryptocurrencies is a pump-and-dump market. But I believe it will be a short-term issue for Apecoin because they are well-equipped to deal with the scenario and may have a backup plan in place to deal with it. And, in my opinion, this is not just a worthwhile project, but also a significant one. It will also be very advantageous for users in the future. And it has the potential to become the next top-listed altcoin. Well, that's just my opinion; others may disagree. Thank you very much.
  10. It's quite tough to buy at the very lowest and sell at the very high, so devise your own method. The most straightforward plan is to sell half of your coins after a 200 percent price increase, grab your money, and then wait for the market to recover. Alternatively, sell in segments with restricted coin growth, such as when the price of a coin has climbed fourfold and you sell 25%, and so on.
  11. I'm delighted someone came with good intentions and posed this fantastic question. I hope the responses you receive are satisfactory. To me, it's a matter of personal preference as to what is best. Because of this, newbies approach cryptocurrencies in this manner, attempting to determine their value on a surface level. Is it equipped with "smart contracts"? Is there a difference in terms of utility? Could the addition of this additional feature make a difference? They don't ask themselves, though, what each cryptocurrency's monetary policy is, and to be honest, that's the only thing I consider when evaluating a currency. Even if it is superior in terms of "utility," what do you do with it if one entity has the majority of the coins? What if this entity has a significant impact on the community or the market? It's fairly obvious that I'm participating in a highly hierarchical system in this way, which I strongly oppose. And it is because of this that Bitcoin has such a high value; it has the best monetary policy that humanity has ever seen. I've decided to compare them only on the basis of their monetary policies. In any case, they are two distinct breakthroughs that offer distinct solutions to distinct challenges. The only thing they have in common is that they are both currencies. They must be able to coexist.
  12. Because EAs do not usually take into account major news events, it is extremely dangerous to leave it running indefinitely, especially given the recent war.
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