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  1. Luckily im from Netherlands and this broker allows me to trade with leverage higher than 1:30. Tier 1 Broker ! Received good client service, my account functions well and had no tech issues so far.
  2. Nice. I like how you showed them off. I'll be cautious and keep an eye out from now on.
  3. It is a good company with a 65 percent success rate, but it does not offer many currencies.
  4. That's fantastic; would you mind sharing your strategy?
  5. Hello, I'd like to know how long it would take someone to hack my wallet if he knew all 24 of my words but not their order. I'm sure it would be counted as 24! It's also a lot less than 2048^24 (— traditional hacking without understanding any language). The answer to 24! is 6.204484e+23. Do you believe there will be any devices or algorithms that can test it in real time? Thank you very much.
  6. How much money does it give you when you win and how much money does it give you when you lose? The approach is based on the amount of money, not the winning rate, and backtesting should be performed with a wider spread than the broker (just a bit higher)
  7. Good day, everyone! Nice to meet you all, and I'm looking forward to next week's GBPUSD Signal.
  8. Did you take a triple espresso before you started writing this? Periods and paragraphs are two types of punctuation. In terms of what you say, you are partly correct in that one should not rush into financial decisions, and many scammers prey on this by convincing the victim that he is about to miss out on a tremendous chance. Aside from that, I agree with the others that when it comes to crypto investments, social media networks should be avoided.
  9. Hi, This is my first time posting in this community. Hopefully, this has been of some assistance. For instance, here's what I did on Anyswap: I bought it for 17 dollars because it was, in my opinion, the only bridge/crosschain swap that had not been hacked or otherwise harmed (this time 😉 - if you look at multichain now). It was worth nearly 30 dollars at one point. If it doubles twice, I tried to sell it. And this was my blunder for the time being. It was the very first coin or token I ever purchased. In the meantime, due to bitcoin's drop to 32.000 $, it was back to 18-19 $. So I said to myself, "Okay, maybe 2 times isn't the ideal target." Try a ratio of 1.5. And I sold it for $25. Because I'm a complete rookie, I'll use this in the future. If I can locate a coin or token that I like, I'll be really happy if I can reach the 1.5 increase and then let it go. Until I gain more experience, I'm hoping it will serve me well.
  10. Thank you. I've been looking for an MT5 system for a long time but have had no luck.
  11. Is this Robot really effective? Have you tried creating a live account? Are you profiting from this EA? Thanks.
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