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  1. Regulation, client service, and trading conditions are the most important aspects for me when choosing a broker. To sign up with a broker, I need to be happy with all three.
  2. If the particular bounty manager takes you out of his campaign... and if he does, you are unemployed for the time being, if all other campaigns are closed or you are not accepted there... no signature campaign here can guarantee that it will run forever.
  3. Even if you enjoy the currency and want to hold it for a long time, it's smarter to take profits and sell when the price spikes, then wait for another drop because that's how crypto works, another dip is required, then purchase back for a cheap price, increasing the number of coins you have.
  4. I tried it on demo and lost the balance. I believe my lot size was 0.10 too large for a 1000 demo account.
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