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  1. Yes, it does not work in the long run, and those robots are expensive
  2. Hello, I'm new to trading. Has anyone used this strategy before? Looking for something straightforward and simple to learn
  3. It is extremely difficult to locate a reputable regulated binary options broker.
  4. Don't rely on the robots; instead, trade on your own, setting your own tp and sl.
  5. desong

    Bitcoin and War

    The bitcoin market has also been affected by growing concerns about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But Bitcoin has been falling in the last 24 hours and is currently trading at around $ 37,794. But the oil situation is quite the opposite. Just look at the price of oil and realize that this war has had a huge impact on the price of oil and safe-haven assets like gold. But what is the reason for this? In my opinion, because of the war, most people avoid high-risk assets such as bitcoin and other digital currencies! +How many wars have Bitcoin experienced so far? -Nothing So it is natural that most people, because they do not know the reaction of bitcoin, turn to other assets such as gold and oil. The escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia will also cause more fear among investors. First of all, I will say that Bitcoin is not the same as oil in the sense that, oil is consumed differently than Bitcoin and this is global which is not the same with Bitcoin hence the reason while you will see the price hike like you see because Russia is a major producer and exporter of oil. Secondly, I don't think that this Russian Invasion of Ukraine is really affecting the price of Bitcoin as most are saying. Please take time to look at the price in a bigger time frame instead of hourly or minutes. From the SS, since Russia Invaded Ukrain on the 24 Feb 2022, which is highlighted in Yellow square, Can you really see any warlike significant price difference from the past days/weeks before Feb 24 Invasion days to today? Square highlight in green. Bitcoins price came up to 45K+ around Feb 10, 2022, and did the same on March 02, 2022, so again, is there any significant change as with the war effect? Now, that is the effect of war on price
  6. I'm sorry to say that the market has been volatile as a result of the war. My golden elephant account began with 1000 and grew to 20,000 in one month before receiving a call margin and losing the balance due to major news.
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