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  1. ""Dear Mr. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In response to your e-mail of October 29th, 2015, we are attaching the complaint submission form to this e-mail, which you must print and fill out according to the basic instructions given on the first page of the form. The Complaint Form may be sent via email and must be accompanied by a receipt for the twenty euro (€20) cost. If you have any problems when filling out your application, please do not hesitate to call the Financial Ombudsman Office at +357 22848900 for additional information. Thank you, Office of the Financial Ombudsman"" This is their response: first pay 20 EUR, then look...
  2. "Look at all these automobiles; I'm a millionaire. For just 49 dollars, I will assist you in becoming wealthy like me. What is the best way for me to earn money? Let's not go into that."
  3. My recommendation to newcomers is to learn all there is to know about the currency market and how it works. As a rookie, it's not a good idea to use an EA since most forex robots don't employ a strong risk management strategy. As a result, you should be familiar with risk management before investing in any forex robot, as this will help you pick the best robot to use.
  4. A trader must be committed enough to constantly trade, whether on a demo or live account. It should enough if you have this kind of spirit.
  5. They send you the profit in the form of a digital wallet. They will pay you the amount you have deposited in the same card
  6. It is critical that financial institutions are regulated...people complain about commissions but get scammed in other ways...I either pay my commissions and know my money is safe and no one steals or runs away with it..
  7. Always have a trading strategy in mind before you begin trading, and don't initiate positions on the spur of the moment.
  8. Good day, can anyone help me find pdfs for forex trading, such as price action trading and the candlestick bible? Thank you
  9. I believe that most people simply want to learn more about it; the worst thing a person can do to a seed phrase is to rearrange the seed words. That should just be for the sake of knowing; it's better to back up your seed phrase than to search for a secure method that could result in you losing your seed phrase and your coins.
  10. You haven't mentioned what you wish to sell clearly. Furthermore, if you wish to sell USDT, you must pay. You can sell directly to any money via p2p using the Corona virus. It's pretty simple, and if you want to exchange, it's much easier. You can trade risk-free from here.
  11. The nasdaq ghost robot v2.0, who got it guys? I'm desperately looking for it these days.
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