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  1. If you are a experienced investor you can go with any broker, but if you don't have experience is imperative to get some financial advise before taking any decision. It seems like at the first sight they offer private financial adivse.
  2. Thank you for the warning; I'll add them to my blacklist.
  3. I've never been a fan of iq options. I never got a good vibe from them, so I never tried them. Later, I discovered they were a scam. I wasn't surprised in the least.
  4. We are nothing in the forex market unless we work hard. Keep in mind that in my opinion, both of these are master slave partnerships, and without either of those two things, a person cannot be a successful forex company...
  5. Hello, does anybody have any general trading advice for all markets, particularly forex and/or stock markets?
  6. Because life changer does not work on a single pair, it cannot be back tested. As a result, we must resort to demo testing.
  7. BabyPips.com is a good place to start for newcomers. It contains a lot of fundamental information about forex trading.
  8. How do we install the file on our MetaTrader 5 platform, and does it work with all pairs?
  9. Thank you...I'm looking forward to putting this to use. And I've just returned to Boom and Crash... Best wishes!
  10. Did you take a triple espresso before you started writing this? Periods and paragraphs are two types of punctuation. In terms of what you say, you are partly correct in that one should not rush into financial decisions, and many scammers prey on this by convincing the victim that he is about to miss out on a tremendous chance. Aside from that, I agree with the others that when it comes to crypto investments, social media networks should be avoided.
  11. At times, I agree that Ethereum's design is superior to Bitcoin's. But what distinguishes Bitcoin from the other cryptocurrencies? I believe it is due to it being the market leader, yet you could argue that Ethereum was one of the first altcoins and is now the most popular. However, Bitcoin's dominance is such that the term "crypto" has become synonymous with it. Noobs, on the other hand, favor Bitcoin since that's what they've heard on the internet. That is also why we have the term "Bitcoin maximalist."
  12. So, does the platinum ghost robot make money or does it blow up accounts? I had one before, but it blew up my account.
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