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  1. Thank you for informing us
  2. I am a trader with STOFS Broker. They are regulated by the FCA and have the best executions. Deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly. The only drawback is that their customer service is abysmal. In chat, the support staff is also clueless and will always tell you to return later. They are the best in terms of support.
  3. Forex robots have limited thinking capabilities and can only respond in accordance with their programming. Your expertise, on the other hand, might help you perceive things differently and react more successfully with unexpected market conditions. That isn't to say that bots aren't useful. You may make use of them to help you trade. But don't put your faith in them blindly.
  4. Yes, Tickmill was excellent at first, but now they have been worse
  5. I recently obtained the major key. It was given to me by Philani Donsi of Triumph Trading. And I have to say, it's everything they make it out to be. It's a very effective and simple strategy. Because it was a contact class, I don't have any materials on it. Those who are still looking for it should keep looking. It's worth it, believe me.
  6. There are far too many elements to be concerned about, and I do not believe it is worth the risk. 1. Signature campaigns are in and out of fashion. 2. Payouts are not equal; only a handful are high, while many are cheap. 3. The majority of people will not follow through on their pledges and will default on payments. 4. Most bounties do not pay out for a month or more after the campaign has ended. 5. There are just too many dubious enterprises. 6. Many reputable projects no longer employ rewards to promote their initiatives. 7. Imagine waking up one day and discovering that this website is no longer available. There are really too many reasons to avoid relying on counties; a real-world job is more reliable.
  7. Anyone have a crash and boom strategy???? Please use an accurate strategy or indicators.
  8. Answering the question of "when to sell" or "when to leave a transaction" has many different answers that only your techniques can help you with. I strongly advise you to read the subreddit's wiki[1] and watch some of CryptoCred's movies on YouTube[2]. Depending on the T.A. and Trade Management, these resources can assist you in determining when to exit. [1] https://www.reddit.com/r/RealDayTrading?utm medium=android app&utm source=share [2] https://youtube.com/c/CryptoCred
  9. There may come a time when fiat will no longer be used, but for the time being, we should not rely solely on cryptocurrency. We couldn't use crypto payments fully because there are still so many stalls that don't accept them. If they do, perhaps that is the time to convert our fiat to cryptocurrency, albeit not entirely, perhaps around 90% if I choose. We may never know, but even if the crypto market falls, we may still have 10% left to use right now.
  10. Could you please share your Golden Elephant ea set with the EA file?
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