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  1. OK, I'll be waiting for your uploads
  2. Mentorship means that if we want to trade forex, we can hire someone with experience to guide us through the process for a fee. During the mentorship, we will make mistakes, but they will be minimized because we are not alone. Without mentoring, we will make difficult decisions that will inevitably lead to the loss of our account. Mentoring is crucial, according to us.
  3. Got forex uses the Hotforex MT4 platform, and the response time is satisfactory. The spreads are also good for scalping, though most of my trades are on 4h and 1d time frames (average 1.7 pips). The withdrawal process is the same as any other; the use of a credit card requires the initial deposit to be withdrawn via card, while the remainder can be withdrawn via other means; in my case, this is still the case. Many people appear to be perplexed here, but this is fairly common among brokers. They took an average of 48 hours to complete my credit card withdrawal.
  4. I've been using for about a year and have had no problems; I would recommend it.
  5. The baby pips course guides you from the start and gradually exposes you to deeper levels bit by bit.
  6. Everyone has their own approach and pattern for technical analysis, which differs from the indicators they use. Alternatively, if you are a long-term investor who sees the green for the long term and is content with the return, simply sell it. Almost everyone regrets not taking advantage of the chance, but accepts it and moves on because there is nothing we can do about it.
  7. For the past few weeks, Russia has been working on legalizing bitcoin. They were unquestionably aware of what they were doing. Sure, bitcoin cannot be banned, but what do you think would happen if the US and the EU decided to ban it solely because Russia is using it to avoid their sanctions (or at least use that as an excuse)?
  8. Is anyone familiar with the Money Heist System (Mgijimi), Mt4 or Mt5 versions? Could you please share if this is the case?
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