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  1. Both FP Markets and IC Markets are licensed brokers. I prefer FP Markets because they offer a broader selection of trading instruments
  2. Then I'm guessing you've been around the crypto space for a while, because newbies won't know what questions to ask the team, and new project teams don't have time to answer questions on Telegram, so they hire moderators to manage their telegram accounts.
  3. When I notice a pattern that has already reached its apex, I always sell. I just aim to sell half of my entire portfolios and wait for the greatest opportunity to repurchase. In general, a pattern can be predicted if it has occurred frequently in the past. To be able to prevent when the price of a token grows even higher or goes to the bottom, you must always employ strategy. It wasn't necessary for you to sell all of your tokens. You can save some to avoid it. This can be used to predict the bulltrend that will likely send your token to the moon.
  4. Phew, I was expecting threads like this after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. To answer your question, no one has a definitive answer, Bitcoin was already somewhat low even before the tussle began, and there hasn't been any significant movement (either up or down) since the battle began, so no direct effect as of yet. Having said that, talking about post-conflict, it could potentially have a positive effect on the network; I saw a post that seemed to suggest the Ukrainian government asking for Bitcoin donations (I'm not sure if this is true), but it could mean more exposure for Bitcoin and possibly more adoption and trust. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, simply choose a suitable strategy, preferably DCA, and invest. Bitcoin is a long-term project, so it is always a good time to invest if you are a long-term investor, and remember that whatever fears you have about the 'war' won't matter in the long run, when things settle.
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