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  1. I would not advise a novice to utilize EA. To have a better grasp of the forex market and its activities, it is preferable to begin with manual trading. After having sufficient knowledge and expertise in forex trading, an EA may be deployed in the latter phases.
  2. Iq options is one of the largest binary options brokers, and they pay out your money whenever you request it. Simply ensure that a first-time deposit to withdrawal amount policies for credit card users are completed
  3. Do you aware that just asking a project team questions on a telegram group might reveal what they have planned for their projects? Even if they have a scam plan, you may bombard them with questions. The first red sign you should watch for is the team attempting to avoid answering certain questions; if they are genuine, all questions should be addressed emphatically.
  4. Your experience taught you an invaluable lesson. There's never a reason to rush. "No rush in life," as the popular phrase goes, should constantly influence our decisions. We must all have patience in order to grow and earn in bitcoin, because a thousand miles begins with a single step. We must also be cautious when conducting business on the internet because we do not have clear information about the people we meet. We should be cautious and alert, in my opinion.
  5. To understand when we can sell our altcoin for profit, we need to learn technical analysis of any altcoin; when the resistance level of the altcoin is reached, that is the time to sell the altcoin; however, as a common trader, you should check the crypto market BTC price; when the price recovered from $33k to $45k, that was the time to sell your crypto to make a good profit; and I suggest that you don't hold if you want to make a good
  6. I'm also aware of how the latest Ethereum London hard forks were supposed to address the issue of high fees, but the Ethereum network continues to become more congested on a daily basis. However, if a percentage of the fees is burned, the entire supply will be diminished, and prices would rise in the long run.
  7. The thing is, right now, people are withdrawing money and assets, selling bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and volatile assets in the market in order to flee the war. As a result, the value has dropped dramatically as well. I believe it is a great opportunity for Bitcoins, but one must also consider how Russia intends to use Bitcoins. I'm afraid it won't be used for good...the banking system will be widely affected internationally, causing more problems for citizens all over the world. Also, oil and gold prices are skyrocketing, indicating a new path for inflation.
  8. No, buddy, fiat money is still very important in our lives; it is both necessary and indispensible. That is correct. Crypto needs more time to completely replace fiat money, and it has many limitations because many shops, restaurants, and services do not accept it. Volatility, transaction fees, and transaction processing times will make daily transactions difficult for us.
  9. Cool, let's see if this works, thanks for sharing.
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