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  1. It would be very interesting to learn about a cryptocurrency robot.
  2. Binary option trading is not as common as forex trading. As a result, there aren't as many broker options as there are for forex. Some brokers to consider (I've only listed the most reputable): ig.com, saxobank.com,... and other small binary brokers, which I don't appreciate.
  3. I'm having two issues with this "broker." First and foremost, you do not pay me a profit. I open one 500USD account. I won $2500 with binary options and the broker did not pay me, which is a shit, so be very cautious.
  4. What qualities do you search for in a broker that you approve of?
  5. You'd best make very certain that anybody you'd like to pass the money along to recalls this in the event of memory loss or some other calamity. However, it does. It's not a good idea to do this and rely on your shaky memory to remember everything without a written backup. I'll give you an example of a password I use on a regular basis to gain access to a facility, and I thought I had it down pat. I wasn't feeling well one day, and when I arrived at the building, my brain was frozen, and I couldn't recall the combination to open the door. This is going to get worse for most people as they get older, even if they don't have significant illnesses like Alzheimer's, therefore I don't think BRAIN is a smart long-term hardware device for preserving secrets.
  6. To understand when we can sell our altcoin for profit, we need to learn technical analysis of any altcoin; when the resistance level of the altcoin is reached, that is the time to sell the altcoin; however, as a common trader, you should check the crypto market BTC price; when the price recovered from $33k to $45k, that was the time to sell your crypto to make a good profit; and I suggest that you don't hold if you want to make a good
  7. It depends on your preferences; for example, I'm now invested in NFTs and see a significant possibility to profit even in a downtrend, but if you want to reduce risk and be more secure, buy BTC and ETH. This is only a correction, thus investing in solid coins/altcoins now is a wise decision; the market will recover.
  8. I have this system. It is excellent. I made a good profit from it.
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