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  1. I traded with them once, but it was only a small deposit...it was still safe. But I'm not sure if it's in high deposit.
  2. And there's already someone who prefers something more similar to me, such as binars, where everything fits, especially profit!
  3. Knowledge is the greatest, and although robots do operate, it is essential to employ them with a better grasp of market trends.
  4. Beware of them; I lost a lot of money to binary options and cryptocurrency companies, but I was able to recover everything thanks to a Recovery Pro.
  5. Thank you for sharing, but a little more information about your confluence triggers would be helpful.
  6. If you had $1 million to invest, you should put it into Bitcoin rather than altcoins. Because it is a large sum of money, and a large sum of money necessitates investing in a coin with a significant trading volume. This will assist you in entering and exiting at the price you desire. If you enter or quit an altcoin with $1 million, you will force the price up or down too much. Worse, altcoins are riskier than Bitcoin, so if you invest in altcoins that have already pumped 100 or 1000 times, your money will be divided by 10, 100, or 1000 times. So, in the worst-case scenario, your $1 million capital will wind up being $1000, $10000, or $100,000. Nightmare
  7. Don't you think about how long it will take for bitcoin's price to double from where it is now, while altcoins continue to increase at such a rapid pace? If you're seeking for altcoins that will provide you with passive income, you should consider BNB, which is employed as a major pair in the farm. You may calculate APR/APY based on how many other individuals were performing farm in the pool at the same time. By farming it on pancake swap, you can earn active passive revenue. You will be able to earn passive money as a result of this. I've been farming since last year and am currently earning a good profit. The APR was excellent. You can also choose which combination would give you the best APR.
  8. I believe Putin knew what to do; he reversed the Russian bank's recent decision to ban Bitcoin; he was going to war, and he knew that the United States and its allies would impose harsh economic sanctions on Russia, potentially disrupting the economy and causing it to decline. Regarding the decision to ban Bitcoin until Russia has an open window to the rest of the world and an easy means of financial transfer between Russia and the rest of the world, the US and NATO will not be able to prevent Russia from using Bitcoin.
  9. Will carry out the given orders over the next week and see how things go. I am unable to share it here.
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