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  1. It seems that Cyprus is cash-strapped. Probably as a result of all the unscrupulous brokers attempting to withdraw their funds now that Cysec is threatening to take action against some of the worst of them,
  2. Trade With Sam Group, does anybody know? He gives Telegram Group Alerts, however I've lost a lot of money...not sure whether it's my fault or his Alerts... yes it happened to me as well and i believe he have a profit share out of our losses unless is not his company
  3. Work only with reputable brokers whose dependability is unrivaled; an option is Expertoption, where the guys care about their customers and the transaction results are excellent.
  4. In the forex market, choose a broker is crucial. Always deal with a broker that has a high reputation and experience. It will be simple to become a competent trader and generate excellent money if you have the assistance of a reliable broker.
  5. There are numerous account specifications to choose from; choose wisely and adapt to your trading style.
  6. In the long run, risk management is the key to success...
  7. Profits are the ultimate goal of your forex trading career. However, you must not overlook the importance of minimizing losses. You can have the best of both worlds with a well-designed money management strategy.
  8. My mentor made one for me, but it wasn't cheap. I believe the ones that work are very expensive.
  9. If we're talking about alternative coins, I'd recommend BNB, ADA, and DOT. I believe that will suffice, and I will divide my $1 million among the three. And then I'd like to add bitcoin to the discussion, because I believe it is the best investment, and no altcoin can match it in terms of security, not in terms of return on investment, but in terms of how secure the network is, which is critical if you're going to invest a large sum of money in a cryptocurrency. If you're going to invest a large sum of money in a cryptocurrency, it should be a coin that is not only solid on the outside, but also on the network
  10. Ethereum developers are having a difficult time resolving the network's gas fee dilemma, which has already proven to be a significant hardship, with many users around the world spending $100 for a single transaction. With that circumstance, anyone can make a curse, so let's see if all of their present and future releases can ultimately put a stop to this massive leakage. Yes, despite all of this, Ethereum remains a highly appealing investment prospect, and nothing has yet been able to dethrone it from its position as market leader. Apart from Ethereum, if you're looking for a fresh project with a lot of potential, you might want to look into Aurora.
  11. The US dollar is depreciating in value. The euro is depreciating in value. All national currencies are inflating, oil prices are skyrocketing, and BTC is still only $36,500! People should acquire BTC in droves; it's something I don't comprehend why they continue to use the shoddy FIAT instead. All of FIAT will make you poor! Don't come sobbing to me when BTC reaches $100K, because FIAT is now the worst investment one can make. BTC is still dirt cheap when compared to its potential; too bad folks don't see it; have fun remaining poor while continuing to enrich those bankers. Unbelievable
  12. It's not a long distance. It must have been the plan prior to the strike. However, sanctions are ineffective because China and Russia have trade ties. Trump sanctioned China, launching a trade war and imposing tariffs. Russia was also sanctioned for annexing Crimea, but the two avoided the sanctions, and Russia legalized BTC as well. Circumventing these sanctions has become routine, and other countries that rely on them are feeling the pinch as prices rise. 6000 US troops are insufficient. Biden will simply send them to hell. I would certainly resign if I were one of the marines sent to a location where we have no idea what to expect.
  13. It's a little strange. I google the system name and can't even find its purchase page.
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