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  1. I agree with all of you, dough my personal experience is that their background indicates that they are in th position of offering such advise.
  2. Many telegram channels with fx signals are scams, so thanks for the heads up, my man.
  3. You must do your own research. Only you can put your trust in yourself.
  4. Has anyone tried it, and if so, does anyone have a recommendation for an indicator to predict the spikes? in times of boom and bust?
  5. Hello there, forex professionals! I'm just getting started in forex trading... is utilizing an EA the best method to get started? What are your thoughts on the matter?
  6. Their online website is mediocre, but their daily e-mail is excellent.
  7. I only opened it a week ago, and the support has been fantastic. They are well-regulated, so I don't think they want to mess around. I have standard account and the spreads are still so low I don't even want to change it to razor.
  8. Among the books that aided me in my forex trading journey are: Mark Douglas' trading in the zone Nicholas Taleb's The Black Swan
  9. This is an Expert Advisor, but their license has expired, so it is no longer functional.
  10. Will carry out the given orders over the next week and see how things go.
  11. In my opinion, 10% of your income is a reasonable amount, therefore I'd say go for it. Just keep in mind that with that amount, you're unlikely to become wealthy with bitcoin, but it might certainly help you increase your earnings by a significant amount if everything goes well. Also, a short reminder that you should be looking for new ways to supplement your present income or find new sources of money on a regular basis.
  12. The title appeals to me. Scammers are motivated by money and will go to great lengths to achieve their goal. It's past time for folks to accept responsibility for their blunder and get serious about their finances. Recently, I've observed numerous recurring discussions about beginners who have been duped. Make your own investigation. Cryptocurrency isn't a foreign concept! It's incredible that individuals still feel safe storing their private keys on the internet. Isn't that utterly irresponsible?
  13. The tokens listed above are solid options, but my preferred investment is not one of them. I've already outlined my top five altcoins to put my hard-earned crypto into, and some of them are still in the ICO stage (new projects) I'd rather put my money into wallet tokens and exchange tokens that are still being pumped since I believe they have a lot of promise and will pay off handsomely.
  14. Actually, he still believes he has the same influential status in the crypto market from which he can turn the stones in his favor for personal gain, but the self-proclaimed genius is unaware that his short-term influence is over bitcoin, and true bitcoiners don't give a shit about what he says. He owns doge, wants to make it the official coin of Mars' alien colony by 2024, and accepts it as payment for his business, but the fact that it's shitcoin doesn't change, and ETH has no positive impact on gas even after the latest hard fork that burns the coins. He is actually attempting to play a two-sided game by advising people to invest in commodities rather than bitcoin in the hopes that price drops will strengthen his position by allowing him to accumulate more at lower prices. However, if you are wise enough, you will not seek advice from those who do not understand it. Once upon a time, China was the main source of spreading FUD in the market, as they banned bitcoin several times, causing dumps each time. They kick out the miners, and hashrates drop, but after a few days, everything returns to normal, and they no longer have China's monopoly. But the world no longer cares about China, and Clown Musk is no exception, so let him swing his way.
  15. Could you please share so that we can verify its authenticity? Also, please tell me how long you've been using it.
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