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  1. I've lost a lot of money using BO, but many forex brokers and systems need extreme caution.
  2. I'd want to begin trading, but I'm not sure which broker to use. Please help me.
  3. I haven't seen any binary trading directly on mt4, and the only thing I've seen is using mt2iq to connect to mt4.
  4. In India, they are experiencing difficulties. They do not appear to be a scam to me. They process withdrawals based on the amount of cash on hand
  5. Yes, between IC and FP markets, FP markets easily win due to their spreads and execution speed; if you're a scalper, execution matters, so FP markets are better in that, plus they're no different than one another, their leverages are the same, and they've been active for a long time, FP 2005 and IC 2007, but why FP Markets, you ask? That is due to the customer support team as well; IC customer support is poor, FP customer support is superior, and FP has a lower opening balance than IC. So give it a shot or do some research to find out for yourself.
  6. I second that, and for the love of the forex gods, please maintain a log and document your transactions, since without historical data, you're driving blind. Have faith in me.
  7. Actually, it will be determined by each individual's personality. However, I doubt that most people would leave their jobs to support the Signature campaign. We know that the payout for the signature campaign is quite large, perhaps exceeding the office's monthly wage. However, this does not imply that the revenue will persist indefinitely. There are a few of possibilities: However, I believe it is doable if we combine a high-paying signature drive with some trading or other crypto activities, but this is quite dangerous. Expect, we've been here a long time and know the best methods to make money with bitcoin, not only through signature campaigns (because exactly, no one guarantees that the signature campaign will last forever, or after that, we can get another signature campaign again or not). However, if we can preserve our money from the signature campaign and use it towards another business, trading, and have a thorough understanding of trading, it seems that we will be able to concentrate on these crypto professions. Being focused on a certain task and taking it seriously will most likely allow us to stay here longer. But, once again, this is a dangerous choice.
  8. When trading with any pair, your analysis and trading strategy are both critical. Each pair necessitates a unique trading strategy and understanding. EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and GBP/USD are my preferred pairs. Because major pairs are more stable, new traders should start with them.
  9. In some way or another, we all learn. It's unfortunate that some people have to be conned first before they learn. In this situation, the OP has learned the lesson for which they paid. Even if I've known someone for a long time and they're trying to introduce me to a trading platform, I'm suspicious and wary. Let alone when a random individual has been introducing me to a trading platform for a few weeks. The OP set themselves up as an easy target. In any case, I'm hoping the sum defrauded was not significant. After that, report the trade site as well as the user's Facebook handle and move on.
  10. Most virus formats or compatibility is for Windows OS, therefore it's reasonable to assume that it won't damage linux and that it's virus-free. It is not enough to simply click the url; the url page must be accessed before the browser and anti-virus software react. Generally, if you install an ad blocker and specify which url domains are whitelisted or blacklisted, it will react promptly simply by clicking the url.
  11. What kind of system is this, is there any profit from it, and could you please inform me of its results...
  12. It's becoming tiresome to hear people claim that a project is the next Ethereum killer; how much longer can this go on? So far, there haven't been any ETH murderers, proving that Ethereum isn't a project that any new coin or token can just take over; it's never been easy. They asserted Oasis Network is the next ETH killer, but before that it was EOS, Cardano, Chainlink, Tezos, and a few others. Get busy collecting these good projects and stop expecting them to be the ETH killer; failing to kill ETH will not prevent them from becoming very useful smart contract projects in this space.
  13. You don't think realistically, in my opinion, because you want everyone to think or know the same way you do, which is impossible to achieve. Why would anyone buy Bitcoin right now if there is widespread consensus that we are in a bear market with the price only going down? While it is true that fiat currency is losing value and inflation is increasing, the price of Bitcoin has more than halved in just a few months, which is more than enough incentive for most people to avoid hazardous investments. People live on fiat every day, and few have enough to set away a portion of their income for hazardous investments, especially over time. However, when we look at how much money is flowing to the NTF, perhaps a rabbit is hiding in the bush.
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