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  1. Hello there, does this work? I'm new to this and would like to know if anyone has had any success with it yet.
  2. I've also had a positive experience with Capitality. I've been using these for a long time.
  3. A forex trading strategy is a road map that assists a trader in making choices throughout the course of a deal. To be successful, a trading strategy must be properly followed.
  4. If you have a profitable strategy, you are already more successful than many others who give up because there are too many numbers.
  5. You'd best make very certain that anybody you'd like to pass the money along to recalls this in the event of memory loss or some other calamity. However, it appears to be less difficult than a whole word scramble. It will, however, be easy to crack. In a simple brute-force 'descrambling' script, this would almost certainly be the very first try, given that it is the first two (rather than 'two random') words (at least how I would code it)...
  6. Hello, I have the best strategy for boom, and I have the strategy that will help you as well. I'll share it with you soon.
  7. $1 million is a large sum of money to put into the stock market. I wish I had that much money; if I do, I'll split it 50/50 and put half of it in the top 5 coins in the market, the other half in the top 20 coins, and the remaining quarter in fresh projects with high potential. I estimate that I will invest in at least 30 coins; they may not all be good investments, but I will ensure that I have done my homework on these currencies.
  8. The gas fee has been one of Ethereum's stumbling blocks, and the fact that its founder isn't anonymous makes manipulating the total distribution and market capitalization easier. Bitcoin's creator remains unidentified to this day, despite the fact that it is now mostly utilized as a digital money for all transactions. In comparison to Ethereum, Bitcoin revolves around transactions, making it safer and cheaper to transact.
  9. Any backtesting results from anyone who has used this EA?
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