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  1. Sorry for losing the money, but thank you for sharing and bringing this to light so that others are not taken advantage of.
  2. I've noticed that IQ Options tends to block continuous trades so that people don't use the 'Martingale' method to cover their losses. Has anyone else noticed this with other brokers??? Furthermore, their 5 minute timeframe payout is always less than 70%!!!
  3. I'd never heard of them. Check to see if they are regulated properly
  4. This broker appeals to me. We can deposit in bitcoin and withdraw in a very short period of time.
  5. I believe that information is superior, and that you can one day program your own robot with it.
  6. For starters, try Babypips... but the easy way is to simply follow a good copytrade manager.
  7. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I have an EA that works very well for me, and you are welcome to test and use it if you so desire. However, I must admit that I have only had it for about two months. So, if you want to see how good it is after six months, I guess you'd have to try it yourself and see what happens. I hope it works well for you as well. Here's what you need to know: MT5 Red Dragon (My Favourite EA: 48 percent Profit & 26 percent Drawdown)
  8. How did it work out for you? I'm definitely going to try this out, thanks!
  9. PZ indicators are useful tools. Thank you for your kind sharing
  10. Swindlers never give up... What do you think I'll do if I'm a fraudster who used to make money off innocent people by creating hyip websites in the past and now things are getting boring? I'll absolutely look into something that's hot right now, plus my pal is a crypto enthusiast. Do you realize how simple it is to create a token? Do you realize how simple it is to create a website? Many are here to take advantage of fresh crypto dreamers like you, so what is the trendiest issue in the crypto field today? Metaverse and meme coins Today, there are far too many projects with the names Doge and Meta; in fact, have you looked at the new projects on coinmarketcap today? Meme coins, metaverse coins, and Play2earn games abound. Before you become a victim, you should begin conducting thorough investigation. Scammers aren't joking around; they aren't here to waste your time. Take your money seriously.
  11. It all started with the massive increase in the price of Doge coin and SHIB these days, and people don't want to underestimate meme tokens since, as we all know, some meme tokens have delivered big returns in the past, and many people would expect the same with other meme tokens. That is why people choose to invest in meme tokens and shitcoins because they are greedy; they don't care about the fundamentals or use cases; all they worry about is a high return.
  12. Fequiet

    Bitcoin and War

    People don't have access to things like Visa and Master Card, and even Google Pay isn't working in Russia; the sanctions are coming down hard, and at the end of the day, this isn't looking good; as a result, people are now switching to bitcoins, which cannot be sanctioned as a whole! Both Ukrainians and Russians are using bitcoins to solve economic problems, so I believe this will be a great place for people who are already familiar with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. The banks in Ukraine are not disbursing enough cash, and the only reason I was able to flee was because I had some Bitcoins!!! It's fantastic!! Honestly! Leave oil and other safe assets alone; nothing is safe right now because we are at war.
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