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  1. Thank you for your feedback. One of my friends has already warned me about this broker. I've seen some bloggers publish good reviews for money; they have no idea what they're doing for such a small fee.
  2. From the standpoint of the platform's dependability and conditions, I can recommend Expertoption trading; these guys know their stuff. I'd also like to highlight the work of the support staff; they always respond promptly and in essence.
  3. Excellent website; many thanks for the information.
  4. It's not just trademark campaign money, I'd add; it could be any earnings from part-time work, which are never as good as your main job, even if you earn the same amount or more. Every month, a consistent income is required to meet all essential demands. Yes, having more revenue from a part-time work will make everyone happy. However, part-time work should never be considered major jobs unless the part-time income is secure and consistent.
  5. What about these USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and USD/CAD pairs?
  6. Not really software, but regardless of the browser people use, I would recommend uBlock Origin (which blocks adverts, trackers, and other unwanted content). Not really, yet if you don't have solid security practices, you're likely to be at greater danger.
  7. Can you provide any trades on how this photo is going? thanks.
  8. Dogecoin's status as a meme coin is actually not a concern. That was the real reason for its development, and it isn't hidden because it was made a long time ago when meme coins weren't as popular. It's the same with Shiba because it's classified the same as dogecoin. The big difference is that Elon Musk was the one who marketed these meme coins when they first gained traction and publicity, while the rest simply followed the trend. Most altcoins have their own reasons for being developed and produced, but the sad reality is that they've been overproduced because they believe they're superior than the competition.
  9. Wow, that's a nice indicator; I think it'll be profitable in a 3-5 minute trade.
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