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  1. Hello, I have a new account with Liteforex and for a few days 3 of my credit cards have been scammed. That site was the only place where I used these 3 cards and all the timeline matches. It might not be Liteforex themselves but thief employees selling that information. Can't imagine what they did with my drivers licence information
  2. They are not a scam, but rather a business company
  3. Markets must be treated with respect! They resemble the African plains. Every day, meat rushes confidently over the plains! Professionals will destroy it. They're lurking and waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack on their high-risk victim. They fled at the first indication of danger. It's a game of survival. You'll glimpse the light after you've accumulated enough experience. You will, however, bear some scars.
  4. I learned the hard way with you. After a decade of trading and few stop outs, I now only risk 3-4 percent and typically do 1 percent.
  5. Do the indicators re-paint themselves? Because that is the issue with many indicators.
  6. It's all about the marketing; some people believe they can get rich soon by purchasing these shitcoins. As a result, various shitcoins identical to shiba/doge have been generated. It is produced the greed that drives all of this. As a result, it's not unexpected that fresh memecoins are made every day, and that someone is always willing to buy them.
  7. You're ready to go all in, but the rest of the world isn't. The fact that the world has yet to fully embrace cryptocurrencies is still a reality that must be accepted. We're all for it, but how are you going to buy your groceries if supermarkets aren't yet accepting bitcoin? That is all the logic and reasoning you need to consider. There are still many stores that are unaware of it, particularly those that sell our basic necessities.
  8. Thank you for the indicator. I can't wait to put it to the test.
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