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  1. I am a fast scalper so probably i will try them out. I will let you know guys how it went
  2. I completely agree; it is really difficult to succeed in this profession without some kind of organization. If individuals sit down every day and trade without it, they will never have a good data sample to fall back on when the going gets difficult, which it will.
  3. This isn't anything you can blame on social media, in my opinion. You could have fallen for this scam in a variety of ways, such as seeing an advertisement on a website or reading about it in a forum promising you great profits by investing in something you have no idea about (ie. cryptocurrency). Consider the case of token hype. On this topic alone, we've seen a lot of people get scammed by ICO, IDO, IBO, IEO, ITO, STO, DeFi, NFT, and other similar schemes. The only difference between social media and traditional scams is that social media scams are more focused and target individuals rather than groups.
  4. Thank you for the Fisher indicator; could you please show us some pictures of it in action?
  5. This has always been a bad concept that leads to being taken advantage of. And I'm not just referring to the scam you described, in which they dupe you into a terrible deal and then loot you, but I'm also referring to misinformation and pump and dump groups. You join these organizations to "learn" more, potentially about how and what to trade, but you end up obtaining a lot of incorrect information that they are providing for their own gain. They may, for example, market a shitcoin that they wish to dump in order to get YOU to buy it from them. One thing we all need to learn about the internet, and this isn't just about bitcoin, is where to obtain our information from and whether it's accurate. It's not the correct place for it on social media.
  6. Lol, there's a great problem with people and hype these days, because since dogecoin has provided significant ROI to investors, no one wants to establish a crypto portfolio without meme coins in it. I'm one of them, but I've limited my risk to only dogecoin and Shiba inu.
  7. Bitcoin has been through a number of global issues. If you're hesitant to invest because of this factor, stay and wait for more market action to position yourself for a good time to invest. However, while many would advise you to invest only with money you can afford to lose, DCA is one strategy you can use whether there are world issues or not.
  8. Thank you so much. Any thoughts, guys? Are there any settings?
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