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  1. yeah. It's a method to deceive and deceive others.
  2. I'm sitting on binars, working on an Expertoption platform, and the conditions are very favorable, both for deposits and payments, so the choice is obvious.
  3. Brokers are the key to trading success. So, if you want to trade, make sure you choose the correct broker.
  4. Make your own trading strategy. You may need to study and gain experience in order to do so. It's possible that you'll have to lose some money. However, you will pay a very little price for long-term earnings.
  5. Learning is a never-ending process, and this holds true for trading as well. Because you gain a better understanding of the market with each trade, there is no best course that can provide you with concise information. There are, however, courses and resources available to help you clear your fundamentals and become a better trader. 1) Adam Khoo's free YouTube course. 2) A free introductory level course on BabyPips. 3) Rayner Teo's YouTube course
  6. One issue I didn't consider when writing my last piece. Learning about Linux could be the first and most crucial step. If you care about openness, security, and privacy, this is the first thing you should do. You can even install a fresh Linux distribution on an old computer and use it solely for Bitcoin transactions. There's no need for anti-virus software when all you're doing on that computer is accessing your Bitcoin wallet.
  7. Hello everyone. I recently subscribed to https://t.me/fxlegacypips's Very Good profitable Forex signal services. It's a fantastic service, and I'm making a lot of money every day. I thought I'd share it here.
  8. If I am not mistaken, Dogecoin began as a meme coin and an educational coin to understand how things work in blockchain, but when Elon Musk joined the cryptocurrency and chose to support Dogecoin, it ushered in the meme era, in which a slew of new meme coins entered the market with no real purpose other than to hype their coin and profit from it, just like everyone else. In my opinion, if you are looking for meme coins, make sure that they have actual use and that you can use them anywhere. For example, I believe that Dogecoin is the meme coin that is worth it because it was the most well-known meme coin and many retailers, online shops, and gambling sites accept Dogecoin, so Dogecoin has utility now and as a mode of payment, unlike others that have no use at all.
  9. Why would Elon Musk even sell his crypto? I am sure that he has plenty of fiat money and holding or loosing money in crypto will not effect his wealth. The only reason why he would do it, is to troll crypto community. Also I think that he has friends, that hold crypto, but are not as rich as he is. If he triggers crypto price drop, his friends financial stability might get hurt. But in general I think that he is not interested in crypto as much as he used to be.
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