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  1. Lustock.com it has a top web trader that it does his job better than metatrader 4 or 5 if you just start trading forex or crypto. My personal account manager always calls me few days before some major news are about to have a impact on the market. I highly recommend
  2. If you don't have the right information at the right time any advise is worthless
  3. Use this broker for a while; however, I do not want to use this broker. because the rules are overly stringent My $ 1000 funds have yet to be returned to my trading account
  4. Brokers can help you navigate the Forex market with ease. As a result, you must do extensive research before selecting a broker. And, first and foremost, you must utilize the broker's demo platform. If that is feasible, trading using a broker may lead to a lot of success. Later, after utilizing the sample site, I began trading on the genuine platform.
  5. IS a game changer EA still works, I run it on demo Weltrade, set it to start without a timer, but there are no open orders. Is it possible to run a backtest? Thanks
  6. Can you recommend another reliable and effective signal provider?
  7. Thank you for your responses; I no longer need to be concerned about my wallet address. If it weren't for what I've learned here in the community about scammer awareness and wallet security, I might have sent my seed to a scammer without realizing it. Thankfully, I was aware of the scammer's strategy prior to the incident.
  8. Well, now is the moment to ask the question before being a victim of a con. No, the fraudster would not con you only on the basis of your address. He was able to track your balance and movement, which is public information. So there's nothing to be concerned about. Yes, this is a scammer's trap. They'll start with nice talk and gradually strive to wash your mind clean. Suddenly, for some implausible reason, will ask for seed or private keys, and it will appear true to you. How God rescued you and the thread would serve as a lesson to others. Just remember not to be greedy when it comes to free money. You'd lose your hard-earned money otherwise.
  9. Is it feasible that my wallet might be hacked even though I merely gave the scammer my wallet address? I didn't recognize he was a scammer at first since I assumed he was a legitimate supporter from a token airdrop until he asked and demanded my seed phrase through link address, at which point I knew he was a scammer attempting to steal my wallet and defraud me. I'd want to add an image to our conversation, but I'm not sure how.
  10. Altcoins first surfaced as answers to Bitcoin concerns, but most of them were simple, such as raising the block size, making mining easier, and so on. - Some altcoins, such as Monero and Ethereum, have solved Bitcoin's problems or contributed something new. - Other altcoins, such as BSC, are primarily concerned with making their developers wealthy or expanding their bitcoin holdings. - Those coins were already produced, or portion of the Hashrate utilized in bitcoin mining was used to mine them, resulting in higher profits. - Profit has been easier and faster in recent years, so you no longer need to spend money on equipment and may instead invest on platforms. Altcoins' current purpose is to make their creators wealthy.
  11. It works very well, but you must abide by their rules. There will be no trading during high-impact news.
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