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  1. This Broker, I believe, is no longer operational.
  2. You should start by learning how to trade manually. EAs are useful for removing trading emotions and trading when you need to take a break, but they are not infallible.
  3. This broker appears to be adequate, but at some point they restricted my one-sided trading, which meant that I was only permitted to open short positions in long trends, and my EA nearly bankrupted my account. I do not recommend it.
  4. Brokers can help you navigate the Forex market with ease. As a result, you must do extensive research before selecting a broker. And, first and foremost, you must utilize the broker's demo platform. If that is feasible, trading using a broker may lead to a lot of success. Later, after utilizing the sample site, I began trading on the genuine platform.
  5. All of them had their own Telegram channel during the ICO craze, and they often answered queries posed by prospective investors. The great majority of queries were about projected profits, expected Exchanges to be listed on, and perhaps some concerns about the future, but few would go into the project's technical territory (due no to being able to converse at this level). Some people, particularly those who are incisive and have a strong grasp of ideas and technology, may have been rescued from falling for a scam or a poor enterprise by asking questions, but the great majority will unhappily develop easy inquiries that will demand simple non-challenging responses.
  6. Begin with 0.01 lot for a beginner. I used the sl 300 and tp 500 points from the opening position.
  7. I wouldn't connect my main wallet to a decentralized exchange even if I trusted it. Rather, make a new wallet, connect it to the DEX, and send the tokens you want to trade to it. You only risk the tokens you want to trade this way, not all the tokens in your wallet. This is the same as utilizing a CEX, where you put your tokens on the line.
  8. That is the basic principle behind most cryptocurrencies, especially meme coins with no technology behind them. Those are founded only on the hope that greedy people will jump on board to make a quick cash, and that as more people join, the price will rise, but only those who buy early will gain. The hysteria has begun. This leads us to the next tier of shitcoins: scam coins. Those who start a project only to abandon it after making a lot of money from the stupid, which usually takes only a few months. Altcoins first surfaced as answers to Bitcoin concerns, but most of them were simple, such as raising the block size, making mining easier, and so on. - Some altcoins, such as Monero and Ethereum, have solved Bitcoin's problems or contributed something new. - Other altcoins, such as BSC, are primarily concerned with making their developers wealthy or expanding their bitcoin holdings. - Those coins were already produced, or portion of the Hashrate utilized in bitcoin mining was used to mine them, resulting in higher profits. - Profit has been easier and faster in recent years, so you no longer need to spend money on equipment and may instead invest on platforms. Altcoins' current purpose is to make their creators wealthy.
  9. You don't need a microscope to see the difference between bitcoin and Ethereum, because bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies, seconded by Ethereum from the start. Bitcoin was created in 2009, and it has remained valuable to this day, and I believe it will remain valuable until the day it is scrabbled out. When comparing bitcoin and Ethereum, the difference or margin is very wide, and the price of bitcoin is not stagnant at this point. Bitcoin is the foundation of cryptocurrency in general, hence in summation, bitcoin has a lot more potential than Ethereum.
  10. Investment It is entirely up to you. I believe you can invest in bitcoin at any time. However, bitcoin prices have recently dropped and are now below $39,500, despite the fact that they were above $40,500 just a week ago. If you want to invest in bitcoin, I believe now is the time. I'm hoping bitcoin will rise by the end of the month. I'm hoping that the bitcoin price will rise again.
  11. I despise how he's lumped Doge in with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Perhaps he's trying to associate Doge with the big players in the crypto game in a devious way? I'm sure he understands the distinction between Bitcoin and Doge, and perhaps he's realized he has millions of useless and pointless Doge and is working on a way to get rid of them.
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