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  1. There are numerous scams operating throughout the forex industry, so traders must exercise extreme caution.
  2. The first requirement, in my opinion, is that the broker be regulated by a credible source.
  3. I use the hot forex platform, which is excellent.
  4. Maintaining appropriate money management and risk management is the most crucial duty. You can put your emotions aside and risk free with effective money management and risk management. It's a must-checkpoint if you want to make continuous profits. We won't be able to accomplish success unless we plan ahead.
  5. After a couple of days in demo, I'd venture to say it's one of the better and most profitable ones yet.
  6. I've been trading EURUSD for a long time. Are there any other profitable pairs besides EURUSD?
  7. I believe this will only become more important as the original Bitcoiners grow older, and some have already passed away (R.I.P. Hal - read something from him the other day again). I'd also argue that if you're storing quantities that make sense to store in such a dangerous fashion as described here, you should just buy (and invest in) a few safes and distribute copies of the seed in various areas where you put those safes. Or, while you're at it, make it a multisig. Pass would be the one tough item where I'd say: it's standardized, so you can use it, but make sure you leave the pass and the seed behind if something bad happens to you (memory loss, ...). However, you may argue its value in terms of increased security at that time (assuming it's written / stamped). So the highest amount of "cryptography added to a seed" that I feel safe suggesting is the standard pass feature.
  8. Simply plug and play in the m15 timeframe or use the h1 test with demo to select your best settings and start downloading money with this robot.
  9. Whether it is a memecoin or a shitcoin or any kind of coin, there is only one reason why people are creating altcoins. Money... If you want to get rich quick, make a coin that is relative or the same as the one who is at the hype at that time and then when you collect enough, do the rug pull. Most of these altcoins are being created just for the sake of money and nothing more especially those memecoins who are just the same with any use case or any benefit for the people at all. Maybe we can exclude DOGE since it has a usage because of its high transaction speed and low transaction fees and it's being accepted in many exchanges so it will be easier for you to transfer your cryptos. Either way, most of new coins are being created just for money that is why many are saying to the investors to always research and think twice before investing.
  10. Ethereum's development is completely centralized, and only a few people have complete influence over its direction. Bitcoin has a large developer community, thus it cannot be hijacked by a single person or a small group of people. Because Ethereum's blockchain is so huge, few home users can afford to maintain a full node, even if Ethereum supporters claim to have a big number of nodes, Ethereum is currently only being run on a few large farms. Full nodes for Bitcoin, on the other hand, can easily be hosted on outdated PCs and laptops, as many people do. Ethereum will become even more centralized as a result of Proof of Stake, as whales will become a key factor on the network. Except that you can't actually produce anything helpful with them. All Ethereum has accomplished is provide fertile ground for many scams such as ICO and NFT. I recall Ethereum promising to bring automation to Ethereum in 2016, allowing things like automatic payment of electricity bills using smart contracts, but none of that materialized. Instead, we got DeFi and NFT, which are useless in the real world. Ethereum is a problem in search of a solution. Bitcoin is a solution to an existing problem: dealing with payment networks requires trust in third parties. The only reason Ethereum is so expensive is that its creators spend a lot of money on marketing and dispelling falsehoods about how beneficial and innovative it is.
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