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  1. I've been trading with my other broker for over 4 years and have had great success. I read some Trade12 reviews and couldn't stop myself from writing another. I tried Trade 12 and instantly merged about 1000$ what a fool I couldn't find any pluses Because the signals they provided were lost in 70% of the cases, once I asked for a recommendation, Experts asked me to add an extra $5000 to my account after which I would receive a recommendation from them. I have yet to receive my money.
  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I was on my way to join this guy's team.
  3. Udemy courses are excellent, but they come at a high cost if you can afford them. Otherwise, babypips, investopedia, and YouTube provide excellent free forex trading information. If you enjoy reading, you can also purchase a book such as Trading in the Zone.
  4. Can you trade indices and cryptocurrencies with this system?
  5. But, given ETH is a primary mover, I agree that there will be no ETH killer. Perhaps tournaments will be held now and in the future. However, this does not imply that they will dethrone ETH; rather, they may serve as a viable alternative for prospective projects due to ETH's expensive fees. No one can dethrone the monarch, just as no one can dethrone Bitcoin. However, I think that ETH should improve and evolve in order to address the excessive gas fees that everyone is talking about.
  6. Because NFTs have become so popular, I'm starting to see and hear about them in unexpected places. People who use social media sites like Instagram are now talking about a block chain, which I find fascinating. Never in a million years did I imagine something like this could happen. NFTs will be available on Instagram and other social media platforms as well.
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