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  1. Many people seem to be fixated on the choice of MT4, what are your thoughts? Why not use MT5?
  2. These con artists will never stop, therefore we must be cautious in our activities. Scammers have acquired your trust and defrauded you of your money, so never trust anyone, even if they are close to you, when it comes to money problems; make your own decisions.
  3. After Defi, when there was a BTC bull run during this halving period, NFT is the hoopla this time. Many artists, collectors, and proponents of NFT create hype in order to increase NFT, which drives up the token's price unnecessarily. This is where this token has no purpose and is only applicable to the NFT. NFT may be worthwhile for a collector, but with the price and qualities of the pump and dump, it is not for me. And while you are correct about long-term goals, I am scared that if I invest money there, I will become a victim of a hoax.
  4. That, I believe, is due to people's continued faith in fiat. They don't want to see a new opportunity to become wealthy. Aside from that, they don't have open minds when it comes to new things that might be worth investing in the future, and they're still trying to make do with what they have. We can't make them like or use bitcoin because it's a personal choice that we should be aware of. They are hesitant to utilize bitcoin because of its volatility, and they are not prepared to have their money values fluctuate on a regular basis. However, if bitcoin reaches its all-time high price, they will be sorry and blame themselves for not listening to us. Let them make their own decisions, and we can spend our time accumulating bitcoin at any price we desire.
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