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  2. I'm using this broker and I'm very pleased with it. Low spreads are excellent. Quick deposits and withdrawals
  3. Anything said by Mark Zuckerberg has already happened, and I'm sure it will happen again soon. As the owner, and Instagram will be implementing the NFT feature in the near future. I am confident that this will happen very soon. It will be interesting to see how this works out. This is a perfectly reasonable thing to happen on Instagram. 'With the NFT feature, anyone will be able to rapidly convert their images to the NFT,' I mean minted their photos to be turned into the NFT. We know that Instagram was a fairly popular social media platform at the time. I have no doubt that this is again another piece of BS from Mark. With NFT, he was also feeling intrigued.
  4. The majority of altcoins now have almost no price change. There was a 3-5 percent price change, with both a dip and a pump in the price of bitcoin and some trusted altcoins. The value of dogecoin has been greatly reduced. The majority of dogecoin investors were perplexed. Whether to sell or hold for a while longer. Elon's support for Dogecoin has not yet ended. Because the situation with Gas was so bad, it had an effect on bitcoin as well.
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