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  1. Binary is, without a doubt, the worst. I too lost money on it, believing I'd make a lot of money in no time, but I learned the most important lesson of my life. Now I'm solely focused on improving my forex abilities and generating some profits on my own, without the promise of large profits. Even investing is full of fraudsters that promise big returns in a short period of time; if you're a rookie, you might go bankrupt in no time, believing you'll earn a lot more money than the others you met in the system, but it's all a lie. This is something I can say since I am a live testimony
  2. I prefer ICMarkets because they are based in Australia and offer a low-spread ECN account.
  3. It would be really beneficial to you if you could learn to regulate your emotions when trading. Greed and rage have an impact on your decision-making abilities, which may lead to financial loss. The majority of inexperienced traders, as well as some veteran traders, struggle to regulate their emotions.
  4. USD/JPY is a very profitable currency pair for me. It all depends on which pair you understand the best. You can make money trading any of them.
  5. Trading isn't like playing a game. If you do not take it seriously, you may lose your entire investment. Before making a decision, you should gather as much information about forex as possible. Trading is impossible without information. AtoZ Markets provides me with information and ideas as a trader. I like them because of their services and facilities.
  6. Trying to check the balance of estimated addresses would be the time-consuming aspect. ASICs conduct calculations on an input, but they do not compare the results to a list. I don't believe that an ASIC that compares a calculated value to a list can be created. So, while someone might theoretically calculate all possible seed combinations, they would be impossible to compare this to a list of addresses that have ever received a transaction effectively.
  7. Since Instagram and Facebook are controlled by the same corporation, NFT might be made available on Instagram. Meta recently made a large investment in NFT and the metaverse development, which will help produce more traffic and money to the content publishing social media. NFT is currently the most popular and thriving project, and any company that wants to stay relevant in the industry should link to the network since the NTF metaverse is being used to bring home high-quality digital content.
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