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  1. I discovered this Telegram channel through Instagram ads. Free Forex Signals Free Forex Signals George Hudson aka Danny Somerhalder's Telegram Channel Is (SCAM BEWARE) He changed the logo after discovering that his scam channel had been exposed online. The scammer's offer on his channel is listed below. VIP INVESTMENT PACKAGES FOR FX Profit of 50% in 5 trading days The minimum investment is $100. The maximum investment is $20,000 Profit of 60% in 5 trading days The minimum investment is $150. $35,000 is the maximum investment. Profit of 70% in 5 trading days The minimum investment is $300. The maximum investment is $50,000. Profit of 80% in 5 trading days The minimum investment is $500. The maximum investment is $100,000. We take a 5% trading commission at the end of the contract and send the rest to you as profit on any of the investment packages. You can put your money into either; Bitcoin \sSkrill \sPayeer \sPerfectMoney \sEthereum \sLitecoin
  2. Scammers are all the same, with one goal in mind.
  3. IQ Options is a good broker with a lot of customers, and it has already earned their trust.
  4. This is useful information. Thank you very much! Best wishes
  5. Without a trading strategy, no trader can become successful in trading. A solid trading strategy guarantees that you take the necessary precautions to reduce your risks. Your trading strategy should be adaptable, allowing you to trade with ease.
  6. Oh, dear, if you had done some study on cryptocurrencies and associated scams, you would have had the opportunity to escape this one. People approaching you on social media and persuading you to invest in a crypto platform is a common scam these days. Many people have approached me via social media platforms such as Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, and others... However, as a long-time member of this community, I am aware of the majority of frauds and have only been cheated once (Bitconnect).
  7. I've noticed that these PZ indicators are popular, and it appears that many people use them. I don't see any images of these indicators in use. Thanks
  8. dekrampus

    Bitcoin and War

    No, I don't believe so. The situation with oil is far more complicated, as are natural gas prices, both of which are rapidly rising. It is primarily due to a supply shortage, while demand remains high and is slightly increasing. There have been many wars in the 13 years that bitcoin has been around, some of which were much larger and involved many more countries than the Ukraine conflict. In fact, the war in Syria, for example, is sometimes referred to as a world war because it involved over 80 countries.
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