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  1. Yes. Approximately 90% of scammers and the mql5 market do not support refunds.
  2. Before enrolling in a mentoring, I think you should do a background check on your mentor, evaluate his plan, and read reviews on his personality.
  3. Thank you for providing this information and sharing it with us.
  4. It is critical to develop a clear strategy for what you intend to do. As previously stated, there is a wealth of information available. Also, make sure you choose a reputable (Accredited) broker... I can't emphasize this enough.
  5. Reading and practicing on a demo account can help you learn how to trade. However, no book can teach you trading psychology because it is primarily learned through life experiences. So, before you start taking risks, try to be patient and leave greed at the door.
  6. If the platform is still up, you should name it to warn other people not to use it. This is a bad start for you in Cryptocurrency, but sharing your experience here will help people understand that when it comes to investing, social media is not the place to ask for advice. I was introduced to Cryptocurrency by a friend I know well, and people should only take advice from people they know personally. It's your money, so do your own research.
  7. All I can say is that support and resistance are the keys to boom and bust. I recommend using a 15m TF.
  8. Hi everyone I was wondering if the overall Russian-Ukraine situation in Bitcoin is now pretty low, will it soar if the whole war is resolved again? What is your opinion? Thank you.
  9. Yes, but he still has a sizable following who blindly buy whatever he promotes. I noticed really short term price fluctuations by the time he made this tweet, but as you said, this is only temporary and will definitely dump again when no one is buying the hype anymore. Maybe he's not selling crypto because he doesn't own anything. He's astute, and he understands when to buy and sell stocks or shit tokens.
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