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  1. Anyone who begs for money without providing specific proof is a con artist.
  2. I believe that forex is the best option. It is less risky and has no expiration date, unlike binary options. Binary options are more like gambling than forex.
  3. Thank you for sharing; I'll give this one a shot.
  4. Trading is made simple by price action. especially if you use it correctly and with knowledge
  5. Could you please also include a screenshot of your charts? That would be beneficial to learning.
  6. What do you think about the need for a working strategy? That's why I initially suggested Babypips.
  7. Thank you for sharing... I'll certainly take a look at it and see if it can help bring in the profits!
  8. That is a great statement. "Scammers are a group of academics." We tend to underestimate them because of the crime they do. These guys, on the other hand, are far too intelligent and lively. They are aware of the most recent trend, first learning the best approach to carry it out correctly, and then opting for the dubious route. Because they understand both sides of the sword, they will lure you in with a legitimate process, and if you fall for it, they will move you to a shady route and defraud you. It's best to approach everything with Scepticism and then use common sense.
  9. Is it truly necessary for me to move my cash to a different address and delete the wallet address I sent? I don't want my funds to be exposed and tracked by others.
  10. Meta's acceptance of NFTs is to be expected. NFT should poke Meta about their next move, as the Metaverse motivations and Twitter have already been installed. And now we're seeing that it'll be out soon. It will be fascinating to observe how their NFT mints platform works, whether they created it themselves or outsourced it to another NFT marketplace.
  11. Even while that debate may exist, I don't really look at them in terms of whether one is superior to the other. In terms of investment, I believe they are both superior coins in the space because they have done well overall. This debate will continue, but in the end, it will come down to whether investors can achieve a return on both coins.
  12. The price of bitcoin is currently low, but you should be aware that it can fall again at any time. However, if you want to buy bitcoin, you can do so at any time, especially when the price is falling dramatically. The price of bitcoin will rise again in the future, so if you buy now or whenever the price falls, you can profit. You simply need to be cautious before purchasing bitcoins and ensure that the price is low enough to purchase more satoshi. Nobody knows whether the price will rise or fall.
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