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  1. What is the best broker for trading? I'm fresh to this field.
  2. Do you have any working ND10X Indicators, bro? I saw one of your posts today, but it is no longer available for some reason. Could you please share a zip file or a mega link?
  3. yes..i use it for 2 years..it offer good spread and commission..
  4. For the time being, I wanted to buy and trade USDT, so I sent it to Binance. The next thing I saw was $7+, and it swiftly rose to $9, and I was afraid that airdroppers would dump on me while smiling to the bank. I see it as merely a reward speculative token; it will undoubtedly inflate, but then dump, becoming a tool in the hands of traders and whales. If I ever find it for $1, I might buy a few and profit while closing my two eyes.
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