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  1. Has anyone tried it yet? However, past performance does not guarantee future results. One must adhere to strict money management principles and refrain from being greedy.
  2. The foreign exchange market enables investors to profit by speculating on currencies. We can only earn money in Forex trading if we purchase low and sell high, just like we can in other sorts of assets like gold, oil, and equities. Instead, a currency pair is purchased.
  3. If you are serious about making money in binars, I recommend the broker with whom I have been working for several years - expertoption
  4. For Price Action, read Bob Volman's "Understanding Price Action: Practical Analysis of the 5 Minute Time-Frame." This book's PDF version is available for free download on the internet.
  5. I believe gold usd, which means XAUUSD, is the best currency to trade.
  6. Have you ever wondered what they mean when they talk about a minimum environmental sustainability standard? I'm not sure why these are still in operation: cars, factories, satellites, rockets, and everything else that runs on fuel. We have nuclear and green energy sources to replace fuel consumption; why don't they completely replace it on the planet so that we can have so-called "minimum environmental sustainability standards?" Nothing but politics and nothing else. I'm not sure and don't want to compare how much energy mining requires to all those things that run on gas. However, it is far less, and they continue to believe that it is harmful to the environment. Lolz.
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