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  1. Seriously, they can do all of this and disappear without a trace.
  2. to learn at least a little so that the entire deposit is not lost in a couple, and so, in principle, nothing complicated
  3. I wish I'd known about this before I squandered my bank account.
  4. Is using a robot the best option, or do you need to completely understand forex markets and depend on your knowledge?
  5. I've tried a few, but they've always left me wanting; I need a comprehensive course.
  6. Because these types of scams are mainly distributed through social media sites in the first place, no social media is safe. And fraudsters will continue to create new and more appealing ways to attract victims; so, the only genuine remedy is to think rationally and without delusions. "It's probably too good to be true if it sounds too good to be true."
  7. To begin with, forget about software; what you really need is education. You can have a hardware wallet and the most secure gadgets in the world, but if you don't know what you're doing, you'll still be screwed. If the person has a good understanding of security threats, he or she will be aware of the necessary software.
  8. I'm ready if it's beneficial and the prices are low enough to offset my benefits; otherwise, I'm not interested. If I can buy a nice villa with 5 doge coins because prices will be low due to the economic reset...then I'm all in and ready to say only positive things about crypto.
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