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  1. hmm, I believe this demo account I believe in saving money and learning to trade.
  2. Far as i know there is no binary trading directly on MT4
  3. Is there anyone else who uses Deriv Limited like me? They are the first binary options broker I have used, so I can't really comment on how their services compare to those of other brokers
  4. Is anyone familiar with life ea settings? I really need them.
  5. Why is it the case? You keep your tokens in your wallet rather than on the dex because you're just using it to interact with it. In terms of security. The best way to store your tokens is still in a non-custodial wallet. Cex may be a compromise because it is centralized, but make sure you are only using the best options available, such as Binance.
  6. This is concerning.....EUR has risen in value over the last few months. And we don't know when that will be. Perhaps you could drop a hint....
  7. There are competitors such as Binance Coin, Tron, Algorand, Solana, and many others; individuals can say what they want, but these altcoins often have a blockchain that competes with the Ethereum blockchain, which is normal because life is full of competition. People like what has already existed and find it harder to make the ones that come later to be the main ones they use. Ethereum is the first of them. However, Ethereum must improve in order to fight with altcoins that may one day come to contend for second place; it may appear impossible, but it is very possible.
  8. He stated that he did not sell any of his other coins, including Bitcoin. But it makes no difference to us. His popularity has dwindled, and no one, including myself, trusts him as much as he once did. As a result, there is no positive or negative market effect in his tweet. Hee hee. I believe he has lost a lot of money by purchasing his coin, which is why he has resumed posting about his Dogecoin and attempting to dupe people into purchasing those coins.
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