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  1. From my experience, LuStock is an excellent broker. (I have expertise in the industry having worked for 10 years in the FX sector at FXCM, OANDA, IqOption, and IC Markets.) The VIP Account is the finest choice if you decide on LuStock. The EUR/USD spread is favorable, and commission rates are very low.
  2. The situation with these robots appears to be completely ambiguous to me.
  3. I'm not sure how they're doing it. I do, however, download trade history before they delete it. And the following image is after deleting the trade history.
  4. I'm looking for a reliable binary broker with whom I can trade.
  5. To begin this type of activity, you must be well prepared; only then will you be able to enjoy your work while making a good profit
  6. I was a client of theirs about three years ago. I've never had any unjust treatment. Normally, if a broker is well regulated, as Pepperstone is, there is little to be concerned about. I only moved because of esma restrictions...
  7. I've been trading for years and have never used a large sum of money to trade. I believe that small gains are preferable to large losses. It keeps my risks under control and ensures that I always have enough money to trade and live my life.
  8. This is exactly where the problem began; after all, doesn't it seem too good to be true that a random person is so concerned about your financial well-being that they immediately want to assist you in making money? Unfortunately, things do not work that way, and scammers know that novices are usually aroused by the mention of cryptocurrency because they see it as a way to become wealthy quickly. Having said that, the issue here is greed; you hoped to make money with no effort, no research, no patience, just invest and reap the rewards; I'm sure a part of you knew this offer was shady all along, but the 'greedy part' wouldn't let you think twice; I'm sorry you had to learn your lesson the hard way, but the good thing is you did learn a lesson, and if you grow on it, you'll probably not fall for
  9. I can't believe how the news can assist you in market analysis Price fluctuations are easily overlooked.
  10. s this suitable for swing trading? I'm looking for the best indicator.
  11. On YouTube, I saw people using it with VIX, Nasdaq, Boom and Crash.
  12. No, your funds will be safe if you merely sent a wallet address (don't do anything too hastily while stressed because you can make matters worse). The scammer requested your mnemonic since they can tell if you have money in your wallet by looking at your address (as this is public information, so is your address - it's only the link to you that's private, and obviously your private keys/mnemonic).
  13. SOLANA is the ETH's successor, as you will see in the coming years. ETH failed miserably in its attempt to compete with bitcoin. In 2025, SOLANA will flip ETH. ETH has a future, but not as the second most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin.
  14. I think I've read it from Mark himself that he should have not announced it but gave some hint that they're really working on it. Well, a nice developing feature that would make everyone use Instagram. I don't use Instagram and maybe that will make me use it in the future after observing those who are making a good run with making their NFTs through the platform. Who knows? but this is an interesting feature to wait for.
  15. First and foremost, why only 75.000? Why not a million, a half-million, or a thousand? The figure is quite arbitrary. If we look at the big picture, Bitcoin is doing fairly well, as #2 has previously stated. I recommend comparing the current price to a moving average, such as the EMA-200, rather than a short-term peak like the 67.000$. We're not far from the apex of this indication, which was over $50K. The recent decline, which sent us back into the 30-40K range, was most likely propelled by the stock market's downtrend (powered by anticipation of rising interest rates), while there wasn't enough news for Bitcoin to meaningfully diverge from Nasdaq/S&P 500, etc.
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